Posted by: octogirl7 | July 17, 2016

I came across these crosses…


Wooden crosses that came with us from Oahu

Since we are still moving things around, furniture-wise, in our new place, I haven’t put up much art.  And I’m saving these crosses to put up where they will really be seen.

Yes, there is a story attached to each one.  In addition to the original story, that is. One came from an older gentleman, who made them to give away at a church in Texas.  The one with 3 crosses I really like, because it reminds me that while Jesus might have felt forsaken on His cross, He wasn’t alone. (and tonight you will be with me in Paradise! How sweet were those words!) The third came also from my mother-in-law.  I’m known in the family as the “one who would appreciate” crosses, and old Bibles.  And oh, do I!

I have the Bible from my uncle-in-law, who died I think before my husband was born.  Some kind of car accident. But his Bible lives on!

It is the cool kind, that have your name embossed on the cover.  Anyway, I cherish these crosses, because they remind me what Jesus did for all of us.

And in an odd segue, Jesus took care of me today again, in the water!  I left the town where we live about 7:20 this morning. I had gotten on the computer and discovered that low tide would be in about a half hour, so I decided to change my plan to snorkel after church, to snorkeling before church.  It’s odd how I felt rather unsettled about changing the plan.  But I decided that Jesus would appreciate being worshiped from the water, as well as from the church.  And did I! And the lifeguards don’t start work until 9 a.m.  It was me and one other guy…who was standing in the water, without a snorkel.  Gee, think of the things he missed!


I am glad I popped up to see this rainbow!

Rainbows always remind me of God’s promises…

And I saw the octopus again.  I’m assuming it’s the same one, because it’s in the same den.  Not proof, mind you, but a strong suggestion.


Yeah, unfortunately, it saw me…..but not before I snapped a few photos.  This one is cropped…I wasn’t as close as it appears..

This area seems a ripe one for the urchins that can hurt you: wana. (Vah-na) And I’m including this photo because it shows what I have discovered is its anal sac:


It’s the ball in the middle.

I’m not sure that I want to be watching when it expels something…but it was a curiosity for me when I first saw it, a while ago.

And even though my sweetheart is away at the moment, here’s the palm tree shot:


Sun from behind the clouds..

I was surprised by a cloud of damsel fish, until I realized I had chanced upon a cleaning station:


Damsels, convicts and Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

These are different damsels than I’m used to on Oahu.  You can see the cleaner wrasse on the fish in the middle bottom of the picture.  It reminds me, too, that there are so many different stripe designs!  God was having fun that day.  The damsels stripes go from top to bottom; the cleaner from front to back.  And the cleaner has very cool purple coloring, too.

And for my pal in Poipu, the pencil urchins:


Pencil urchins

I didn’t realize when I took this picture, but there are actually two urchins there.  You can see one behind the other.  I took the photo because I picked up a broken off “pencil” the other day.  Now that there’s no stricture about taking shells, etc., I picked it up. It was brown, apparently having been in the water since breaking off.  I don’t plan to make a habit of picking up shells, however. Certainly not those that might be re-used or still being used by the original animal.  That’s a no-no in my book!

But I do still snoop on the bottom for trash.  Today, Victoria’s Secret was found on the bottom, next to a partial turban shell:


Probably a label from a VS bikini

Someone had lobster for dinner last night:


That’s the tail toward the camera.  And let’s just say it wasn’t me eating lobster!

If I caught one, which would require diving at night most likely, I wouldn’t leave the shell in the water…

I heard the Tropic Birds before I saw them. Actually, my friend spotted them, after I had stopped to listen.  And man, they were having fun with the wind on those cliffs:


If you haven’t seen Tropic Birds in the real, go to the internet to see them.  Amazing birds!!! Swooping all over the sky.  Kinda reminds me of Fairy Terns. But with longer tails.


A flower along our walking route

And to close, I’ll put up the photo that makes me smile, still….the surfer with the rainbow on his head!


I wonder if he could see it?! But doesn’t it look like it’s right on his head?

Hope you had a blessed Sunday.







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