Posted by: octogirl7 | July 10, 2016

A quick swim

I had just a quick swim this afternoon because i had a mask failure and was too lazy to go to the car to get the 2nd mask.  But the important info is that we saw two Monk Seals!!



So cute while taking their nap!  And they weren’t there earlier in the day when we strolled by. This was taken from the water…you can see the lines they put up to keep people away.  And while I look close, I really wasn’t: I used the zoom up part of my camera.



Peacefully napping…

I imagined they were two brothers or sisters. And you can see why people want to get close: to see if they’re still alive!  They really do lay pretty still, so it’s hard to know if they are alive.  Of course, they did occasionally move a fin, so you know they are fine.

As for the mask failure, I figured maybe God was telling me not to swim today, so I got out.  Had a great time with a house church today, so it’s all good. And two seals: that’s amazing!  I normally see them, as we did yesterday, singly.  So not only were they two, but they were peaceful.  Lovely.

Maybe God is telling me that the octopus isn’t the only cool animal…….



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