Posted by: octogirl7 | July 9, 2016

No huge surf

So the promised huge surf didn’t appear today on the south side, so thanks to my pal who lives down there, I got the good snorkel report early this morning.  So I jumped into our trusty vehicle and swooped down.

I was smiling as all the surfers were complaining about how the big waves hadn’t materialized…awwww. That just means better water for me!

Unfortunately, I had a camera malfunction, so I used the backup camera.  Not fantastic pix (and no tako!), but I did catch some of the action:

These needlefish were bouncing around, trying to attract the attention of the Hawaiian cleaner fish:


Pretty aren’t they?

Normally, they stay up near the surface, so this was a treat, to find them more down in the water and above coral which helped them be more visible.

And a pinktail durgon:


Not great visibility, but you can see the pink tail.  Love that!

So, happy for the option to swim, but coming back against the current pooped me out a bit, so I only visited the one dive spot. But still great to get wet!



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