Posted by: octogirl7 | July 5, 2016

One of the few octopuses spotted thus far..

I will be the first to mention that this isn’t a “real” octopus.  But it does serve the important job of preventing my taller husband’s head from hitting this unusual light fixture. Once we have a dining room table, this problem will be solved.


Christmas octopus

It also serves as a Christmas ornament.  Some day when you are bored, you should google image octopuses: toys, real ones, stuffed animal ones… the choices are amazing.

My main purpose in writing today is to let you know that the job search continues.  I checked into two options today.  One was with the Red Cross, even though I already knew there were no openings.  This was to satisfy the unemployment folks, who thought I should apply for a transfer, even though I already knew there were no openings.  I’m told the Lihue unemployment office can be somewhat boneheaded, so just covering my bases.

The other was a position I would like to have: program assistant with Easter Seals.  These folks do good work and it would be nice to be a part of it. We will see!  I applied via “snail mail” just because it seems more personal.  If I don’t hear anything this week, I will follow up, of course.

I also wanted to show shells and operculum to you.


Operculum and shells

The one on the right is an operculum with the shell still attached.  I don’t often find them that way.  And before you are horrified that I picked up a shell that was still in use, rest assured: the other part of the shell not featured in this shot was broken off.  There was no animal killed in the production of this photo!  But there is a nice, shiny operculum and a cowry shell just behind it to the left. I do think they are all quite pretty.  Just another of God’s wonderful creations.

My Ni’ihau shells also arrived in one piece, happily secured in a nice little chest/box:


Ni’ihau shells.  These are tiny and delicate

For those of you not in the know about things Hawaiian, Ni’ihau is the Forbidden Island.  Until fairly recently, one wasn’t allowed to visit.  So it was kept very Hawaiian.  But hubby’s family had an in, so we were able to visit a few times.  Lots of broken shells on the beach, but also some nice ones. And now you know. You should also know that there are now dive trips one can take to Ni’ihau. I wouldn’t mind taking one!

And even though there is no future France trip currently planned, don’t think for a minute that we are forgetting some of the things we enjoy about France:


Not quite up to French standards, but yummy.

The croissants.  Not the operculum.  ha

Please do continue to lift up the job search.  I appreciate the prayers of the faithful!






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