Posted by: octogirl7 | June 6, 2016

Don’t freak out

Don’t freak out as I did….I found a Tuberculosis Nudibranch!!


OH I was SO naming it after us!

I already had the last name made into ii, you know, like ambersonii.  HA.  Unfortunately, what I thought was an amazing find (Thank you, God!), turned out to be rare, but not undocumented.  Oh well, give the glory to God…..

Yeah, I was all excited when I called my pal, Larry, over to see it.  Thinking he would take a great photo!  He said he had seen them before.  But he still called it a Good Spot!  I must have taken 50 pix and 5 movies.  It moved right along on the bottom.  I was quite impressed.  The Clumpy Nudibranchs I have seen are for the most part slow movers.  This guy had somewhere to be.

Also saw 5 octopuses, including one really cute young one. Not as big as my hand, I would imagine.  So very happy about that.

And the skies were on fire this morning:


Doesn’t it look just like a fire?!

And a small barracuda:


Barracuda….just one!

I had to laugh to myself yesterday, when some visitors on the tram going up the hill said they saw a group of barracuda. Now I wasn’t swimming with them, but I would be VERY surprised if they saw a group of barracuda inside the reef in Hanauma Bay.  Outside and far out maybe.  But not inside. And perhaps I should qualify what I say: I have never seen anywhere close to a group of barracuda in this bay.  In fact, not even more than one at a time.  They are just not in a pack inside the reef.  But I must hasten to add that I haven’t seen it all.  So I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.  I do know, however, there are silvery fishes that linger in groups near the bottom and I would bet that’s what they saw, thinking they were barracuda.  But I didn’t spoil their buzz….

Here’s the little octopus:


Wanna see it again?!

Yes, there REALLY is a little octopus in that den in the middle of the photo.  Hiding quite well.  Not liking my visit, either, so I didn’t stay long.  Camouflage, thy name is octopus!

Tako #1:


Octopus #1 again

Tako #5


You can see the eye just above the V of the den.

S/he has a little flap over its eye.  And yes, all the bumpy brown is the octopus.

Great snorkel for my first day of unemployment.  Now must bounce to get packing! And thanks for reading….















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