Posted by: octogirl7 | May 18, 2016

Water felt good

It seemed amazing to me that even though we were actually IN A PLANE for 18 hours yesterday, I was still able to wake up early enough to get myself down to the water our first day back from Europe.

And since it took me an hour and a half (!!) to find one octopus, I wasn’t sure the time was well spent. But it was very nice to be back in the water, after the 3 week absence. Of course, it was low tide.  Which meant many places were inaccessible.  But I was very thankful for the water and clouds.  No pink, but still very worthwhile.

And my pal Darrene would have loved it…there was a young new kitten. Very afraid and very hungry. Someone had left some kitty food on the corner of the walkway, so the little one was anxiously awaiting the chance to jump on it.


D would have wanted to take this one home

Very cute.  Small. Shy. Hungry.

I think the other cats probably pounce on any food as soon as it arrives, so this kitty was very lucky that someone left the niblets in a place away from the others.

We did have a wonderful time in Paris, London and Wales. I am glad to report that although the left-side-of-the-road driving gave us a few scares, I was able to successfully navigate Honolulu roads. And found some drivers just as irritating as they had always been. No surprise there…

Saw a turtle:


Young turtle

and trunkfish:


Very adorable

Someone had eaten an urchin for breakfast:



And it didn’t occur to me, but perhaps some of these pieces came from this injured urchin:

Oops! No space left. I am glad this didn’t happen while we were on tour! Back with you soon…


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