Posted by: octogirl7 | May 18, 2016

someone was hungry…

OK, now that I’ve gotten rid of some of the library of photos, here’s the someone hungry photo:


Kinda like an open wound, isn’t it?

I guess because it is! I’m not sure what chomped on this one, but oh my!  Rather a devastating bite…

Speaking of devastation, I had gotten out of the habit of looking to see what makes the fish run, so I almost missed this guy:


Giant trevally

I am still waiting to get a really good photo of these guys: they are so fast and don’t wait for me to get ready to take the photo.  No surprise there.  I don’t exist in their world…just looking for food…

And there was a cute little snowflake eel:


Doesn’t he look surprised?

and the one and only octopus, peeking at me:


So glad to see him!

Not so sure he was glad to see me, though…I thought to play with the octopus, as I had found one of those plastic bracelets, of a bright orange color.  I put it near his den to see if he would show any interest.  None whatsoever!  They are too smart for me.

OK, time for a nap.  Guess all that flying caught up to me.  I’ll do a final post from the Europe trip soon.  Thanks for reading. And God? Thanks for getting us home safe and for the lovely swim today.



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