Posted by: octogirl7 | May 15, 2016

We’re both awake

Seriously?  4:30 a.m. and here we are totally awake.  THIS is when you wish that this Ibis hotel had a hot water maker, so we could have tea or coffee.  Nothing starts the day off right unless it’s hot and strong.

So I’ll use the time wisely and write the post I should have written yesterday. We had a wonderful dinner of fondue (for both of us, the first time) at Les Deux Savoies.  Nice restaurant and wonderful fondue.  We looked at the seemingly huge pot of cheesy wine and thought there’s no way we can eat all that! Wrong!  Before we knew it, all the bread was gone and most of the cheese.  The waiter claimed that the only ingredients in this wonder pot was cheese (3 kinds) and wine.  Sure tasted wonderful.  And where better to try it? Then we wandered back to the hotel.  Our feet and legs were sore, from visiting Jardin du Luxembourg, Sacre Coeur and the vendors all along the Seine. What a great day. In Paris.

Cannot remember if I mentioned this, but we discovered that Celine Dion will be appearing in Paris. It would take a miracle for Alex to want to accompany me to this concert.  To say Celine is not his fave would be totally understating the situation.  However, he probably would support me attending.  BUT she’s not visiting until July. We will be back home by then.


In any case, please join me in praying for Celine, who recently lost her husband of many years, Rene.

While strolling along the Seine, we saw a bride being photographed.  I felt badly for the groom, who seemed kind of neglected:


I also felt badly for her, since the dress was sleeveless and off the shoulder.  She was probably freezing her important parts off!  You could not pay me enough to stand there posing. Bit I wish the best for them.  And hope the guy gets to be more involved in the photos…

We wanted to visit the little vendors along the river, so we did:


Isn’t he cute in his new hat?  And he was standing near prints of Gustav Klimt’s work.  Some of them are odd, but mostly I like his style.

There were many cute things along the river. One of particular interest was this drawing:


Unfortunately, the guy selling these prints saw me taking a picture and stood in front of it.  Too late!  And he lost a sale too: Alex had just told me that if I wanted the print, I could buy it.  I was still debating the possibility of paper being bent on the way home, when the seller came up and stood in my way.  Ah well, sometimes it’s not meant to be. But I’ll bet you’re surprised that there’s an octopus in my Paris posts.  There were other octopuses, but they were in the market for sale.  Sad, but some folks do eat them.

Alex also was reminded of his enjoyment of Mucha paintings:


I think the paintings are pretty too…we’ll see what we can do when we return home.

We also saw a neat cover from a magazine featuring Catherine Deneuve, from 1970.  One of the way cool ladies of France:


I didn’t like it enough to buy it…50 euros? No way.  Enjoyed seeing it, though.  She is a lovely woman.

Some building also reminded me of Carcassonne:


Interesting roof. Pretty too.  So many of the Parisian buildings are lovely.  We once toyed with the idea of living in France, but for many reasons, that probably won’t happen.  You never know, though.


I’m sure the people walking by me while I was taking these photos wondered what on earth I was photographing.  They don’t know about me and clouds. So pretty, with the light coming through…

And crosses (croix):


Many buildings.  Many scaffolds, too.  Everywhere, both in Paris and London, there was construction. Or cleaning.  All the buildings are older, so they often need to have the soot cleaned off.

I stepped into one of the churches to pray.  It was lovely, but it felt funny to pray then take a photo.  So I didn’t. But the mosaic and lighting were wonderful. You can imagine thousands of folks praying in the building.


An praying in here, too. Probably one of the most photographed churches in the world.  Notre Dame de Paris.  Since it means Our Lady, many other towns have a Notre Dame, also.  This one is the most famous, I’ll bet.


Sporting my new scarf, which amazingly went very well with my warm hoodie.

And here’s the fondue:


So good!

Today, we have to leave this part of Paris for the hotel near the airport.  Our plane leaves for Paris at o’dark thirty tomorrow.  7:30! And since it’s international, we’ll have to be there early.  Please pray we get there in good time and with no hassles.  And thanks for reading..



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