Posted by: octogirl7 | May 14, 2016

Samedi a Paris

Today we were surprised by cloudy skies and low temps…51 degrees!  OK if you’re in Minnesota, that temp may seem like a gift, but for us who normally live in Honolulu, 51 is break out the scarves and zip up the Scot-e-vests! If you do travel, these vests are the bomb.  They have upteen billion pockets, both inside and out.  The only prob is that you can put something in a pocket and then not be able to find it again.  I had to have my PhD paramour look for and retrieve the paper….it is quite irritating to KNOW that there’s a paper, but not know how important it might be and how to get to it.  So Alex did find out how to get it.  It was a paper of momento from our trip, but not urgent. Glad to have it back, anyway.

So since there were clouds, of course I took a photo or two, last night:


Oh great God who creates these marvels!

The colors are so incredible.  Maybe you had to be here, but the shades of color just blow my sox off!

And speaking of socks (how’s that for a segue?) I bought sox at the train station on the way from London to Paris.  They are TUBE SOX.  Get it?!  The Tube is the Underground.  Is it still funny if you have to explain it?  But not everyone gets to visit London, I guess, although I would definitely recommend it.  And finish in Paris if at all possible.  It is very interesting to compare the two cultures.


They caught my eye because we had been at Edgware Road station.  And why isn’t it EdgEware?!  I guess the British don’t think they need me to help them with their spelling…LOL

We also almost strolled past a painting in a shop window of the manger scene:


Paris has many different art scenes.  Glad they are paying attention to Christ

Don’t get me started, but I still have a problem with light-skinned people being the parents of Jesus.  I keep thinking they all should be more tanned, if not darker skinned.  But I’m told that they might have had coverings on their heads, so as to keep the sunlight from burning them.  Just another thing to ask Him when I see Him.  (Even so come!)

Saw lots of churches (even a Protestant one!) today.  And crosses. Oh yeah, of course, I took photos.  The cloudiness of the day didn’t help, but a few came through:


It’s there up top

These buildings do blow my mind.  Not only can I not imagine being smart enough to build them, but to actually make it happen.  Amazing.  With a capital A!

And meringues.  We have seen colorful ones and huge ones:


Two huge meringues near a bottle of Taittinger Champagne

No, we didn’t drink any.  We didn’t even eat a meringue.  We were awaiting 8:30 so we could eat at Breakfast in America.

Yes, you might well ask why we came to France to eat in America.  Ask Alex.  We got tiny coffee:


Espresso decaf

Now is the time to admit that I think the waitress brought us both decaf…even though I asked for Alex to have caf.  He later had a headache from caffeine deprivation and I didn’t want to confess at the time….I suck, what can I say?!

So we visited Galeries Lafayette, a huge store with 6 floors.  This is the one that had a huge Christmas tree in the middle last time we were in Paris.  There wasn’t anything in the middle this time.  Kinda disappointing, but it’s not Christmas every day.


Alex brought Domo

Domo likes to eat…even if it’s just croissant and Heineken.  I found some cool raspberry tartlettes.  Yes, I bought the 3 in a box rather than 5 euros for one bigger one.  Sometimes the amazing purchase is more low key.  3 is better than one, right? 🙂

We visited the Pompidou Centre.  No, we are not huge fans of modern art.  And sadly, the real reasons we went were 1: the bookshop (which we didn’t see) because you had to have a ticket and the lines were long, but also the escalator made me think of the Tour Eiffel….scary high…. and 2: the fountains.

Unfortunately, the fountains were not going.  Maybe they only do those when it’s sunny and summer.  But the art work was fun anyway:


I think the water normally comes out of the lips.

Hey it’s art! what can I say?  I don’t make this stuff up.  I’m just a reporter.

And I will report that our legs and feet are tired.  We have been putting in many hours of hard work walking all around town.  It’s worth it, but it doesn’t mean we probably won’t be hearing Chopin this evening.  We are talking about going to visit our fave restaurant, Fous De L’Ile this evening.  They have a chicken theme and I would like to see if they have put our chicken up anywhere.  We’ll see!

Here’s a cool dress in a window:


Very fashionable

No one said I would wear it. Horizontal lines are what I place items on, when I want to get them off my desk. HA.  Alex knows that I love to put stuff on every available flat surface. In fact, there’s a flat space I’m eyeing right now in our hotel….


A zebra pacifier?! Only in France.

I guess that’s how you get to be top Mama.  LOL

So when we got back to the hotel, we were totally pooped and foot-sore.  So we asked the hotel lady if we could have cafe and she kindly made Alex a big cup of coffee.  And then we turned on French t.v.  Can you believe they had CSI Miami?!  HAHAHAHA.  Horatio in French.  Oh, too much by half. The show is called Les Experts Miami:


Horatio in French

It is fascinating to see a show you’ve watched a hundred times in another language. I caught some of the words….I was happy to realize that I have the French to respond to a situation, but sometimes don’t understand what the fast-talking French tell me in response!  We visited my favorite book store, Gibert Jaune, yesterday.  I asked if they have calendars/journals for 2017 and I got a long story.  The bottom line was that nope, they didn’t have any.  I found instead a Robert Doisneau photo book, with one photo for every day next year.  I’m excited to see…





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