Posted by: octogirl7 | May 14, 2016

Massage anyone?

After walking it seems all over Paris for the past few days, a massage sounds great.  However, not knowing any massage folks over here, and being somewhat unwilling to venture into that very personal and probably expensive arena, I will just rest them until breakfast and then go out again.

We are enjoying the wandering.  It was a bit cloudy and cold yesterday, but we were still out there anyway.  OK, we maybe stayed in the room and played Carcassonne, but mostly we were out there in the loveliness that is Paris. (And Alex won, darn it)

Alex’s new hat:


I asked him to smile….I love the hat and Domo in the pocket doesn’t hurt, either.

He got the hat a couple of days ago.  It’s very cute and does keep him warmer.  After all, this isn’t December in Paris! Although 51 degrees makes it seem as if it is…

We visited a restaurant where we have had many nice meals, Fous de l’Ile.  Nice food, but we had snacked while awaiting the time to go, so we didn’t have dessert.  And we may have to take it off our list…no Creme Brulee!!!  ARGGGHHHHH! Last time, they had pistachio Creme Brulee.  Adventurous and good.  They have chickens all over their restaurant, clay, glass, wooden, etc.  Cute.

Domo with beer:


Hogaarden.  Apparently, Domo likes it…

Domo at the restaurant:


Alex gave him the paper napkin ring as a hat.  Oh, we have fun with Domo!  He goes everywhere with us.  The waitress was so amused, she took Domo in the back to show the chef.  Then took her own photo.  He’ll be nationwide before we know it.

I have been also taking chimney pix again.  Not so many in the posts, because I don’t know the limits of the readers’ attention, but…


I enjoy how many there are on each building and have all different shapes.  Sometimes, the pigeons sit on them to keep warm.

We saw some people cutlery:



They even had gator tongs. HAHAHA

And of course, fleurs:


I could watch flowers all day.  Saves on my feet, too!

We are off to petit dejeuner…and then perhaps Luxembourg Gardens!


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