Posted by: octogirl7 | May 7, 2016

To Wales by train

We had a farewell breakfast with our tour group on Saturday morning and then finished packing up.  Took the train from Paddington Station (and yes, there was a shop that sold Paddington Bears from Paddington!) to Cardiff, capitol of Wales.

Then got the rental car….thank God we got an automatic.  I had enough trouble driving on the left, I can only imagine how complicated a stick-shift car would have been.  They had a bazillion roundabouts, which it took me a while to figure out.  Thankfully, Alex understood them and we spent just a few times correcting what I had done.  My other problem was that, since the wheel is on the right of the car, I kept trying to go too far left, thinking that I was too close to the oncoming cars.  What a thrill.  When we got to Abergavenny, I told Alex I needed a large drink and never to drive that car again!  Thankfully, we had driven about 30-ish miles from Cardiff to Abergavenny.

So then we called up the kind relatives who live in these parts.  It wasn’t long until I saw them coming carefully across the road to our hotel.  Llewellyn, whom I had been talking with on the phone, is an 86 year old gentleman, who made us all laugh.  With him was his sister, May, and his wife, Edith.  Sadly, the latter lady is suffering from dementia.  She and Llewellyn had been married for 64 years! He still calls her Lovey.


Fields of yellow from the train

Not sure if it was mustard growing.I’m not very bright when it comes to plants!


Welsh countryside from the train

I love those green hills, separated by the shrubs planted to separate one from another


The capitol of Wales. This sign was at the train station

So far, haven’t met many folks who speak Welsh!  The car rental lady wasn’t Welsh.  My own relatives said they learned in school, but don’t use it.  Llewellyn said we’d have to go to Swansea to find many who speak it.  I was able to use good day: Bore Da.  (Bor-uh da) but that’s about it for my language skills.

So to the family:


Llewellyn, Edith, May and Owen

We sat in Owen’s house in Abergavenny and had real tea and “biscuits” which turned out to be chocolate cookies, in this case. They are all a hoot! May has quite a sense of humor, too, but in this photo, she looks pretty serious. Turns out that Owen has tickets to go on a trip on Monday, so we made a plan to get together today. Llewellyn said they don’t go to church…..So we’ll see a bit of Welsh country side and then have dinner together.  Of course, today is the first day it chose to rain.  Up until now, we’ve had wonderful warm and sunny weather.

So once we drove back to the hotel, luckily following Llewellyn, we got settled in the reception area and had a quiet beer and glass of wine.  Then dinner of pea soup and a cheese plate.  Here’s the cracker:


You knew I’d get a super-macro photo in, didn’t you?!

Domo also came out for dinner


Domo rarely misses a meal

And then we retired to our room   Big cushy duvet on the bed, which we didn’t need.  The heat in the room kept us fine all night.  Slept a good long time and now await breakfast in the hotel.  Pastries, cold ham, cheese, and hard cooked eggs which we will cook ourselves.  Ah, life is good!

And not to give you whiplash, but here is a cobblestone bit for Lisa in London:


Not sure what’s underneath, but the glass squares would have put some light under there.

The boot was mine.  Bought at Clark’s, sadly, the left one kept gathering up my sock and being a little pile of irritation to my foot, so I left them at the hotel in London, with a note to give them to someone who might fit them better.


A statue in London dedicated to unknown cavalry members in Hyde Park

We even spotted two riders out for a morning spin:


Riders just to the left of the pointy tree

And so many lovely flowers


Pretty yellow fleur




With the lighting, doesn’t this statue look like a real girl?

So we’ll be off to breakfast and then getting together with the Bevan gang around 12:30 Cheers!



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