Posted by: octogirl7 | May 3, 2016

London has worn me out!

Well, here we are in London and I still haven’t had the energy until today to post anything! Talk about walking until your legs fall off…

We left Honolulu and 6 hours later found ourselves in the Dallas/Ft Worth airport with 10 hours to kill.  Thanks to my very intelligent husband, even if he is snoring rather loudly right now, we booked one of the Minute Suites suites and were totally happy to have a chance to shower, take a nap and then eat something.  Of course, we had to visit the Gas Monkey cafe…not to eat, but to laugh:


Of course it is filmed in Texas.

So I also took the time to take care of my hands and feet.  The Minute Suites guy had a 10% off coupon for me, so i went off to find the manicure place.  And when done, a heavenly hour or so later, they sold me some slippers.  For those of you who have visited  Hawaii, you will laugh.  Well can’t find that picture right now.  But the slippers had a big slash in the bottom, so you could fold them up! ha.  They felt weird to walk in though, because you couldn’t be sure you had them under you when you walked.


Excellent pizza place! in the airport.

So of course, London is all about history and the Kings and Queens.  “Dieu et mon droit” God and my right….They all felt they had God on their side.


Oh yes we needed the scarves: 51 degrees!


Some British guys..a portrait

And we found Creme Brulee…in England!


And Domo went with us..

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how rich this Creme Brulee would be, so I couldn’t even finish mine!  What a waste.  Should have shared Alex’s…but he’s a bit known to be possessive of his Creme…

And for my cousin, Janet, the Canadian Embassy in London:


I felt as if she and Pat were with us!


Gold and clouds

I do love clouds, as you may know.  We have seen some really nice ones and I’ll pop them if when I can find them.


We visited the Churchill war rooms

He had to go underground during the war, as his offices above ground were bombed.  BOY oh Boy!  I could not have worked underground like that.  As it was, just visiting was quite claustrophobic.  Not just the rooms themselves, but the crowd.  We didn’t stay long but it was interesting to see how the man worked.

Today was the Tower of London and the British Museum and then afternoon tea!  Gee that’s a lot of walking.  But we also got to see the first (and ONLY) woman Beefeater!!!  I asked how long they’d allowed women and she said 9 years.  And during her talk, she mentioned that she is the one…she had done it for 9 years and there are no other women.  Imagine that…


Her ribbon meant Good Conduct

She had a great sense of humor, too.  The main purpose of the Beefeaters and soldiers was not just to protect the Crown Jewels (which were amazing and they don’t let you photograph), but also to keep the keys.  They open and lock the place up every day.  See them on her belt…

Then a nice boat ride on the Thames.  We were a bit chilly, having sat on the unsunny side, but it was a treat  And saw Cleo’s Needle


Apparently, it’s 3500 years old..

We have learned that many of the previous objects of art and history have been borrowed or bought by the British.  They are loath to give them back too, the thinking being that at least they are safe here! It’s all a point of view.

Then we went on to Afternoon Tea.  Quite a great experience, with talented staff and great scones, cakes, sandwiches and of course, tea! Not a coffee bean in sight.

And here was the only sad cake left on our tower of lovelies:


This Red Velvet cupcake was left all alone.

But you knew I’d sneak a super macro photo in, didn’t you?

And we took the double decker bus with friends from the tour…and Alex spotted the Pulpo restaurant:


I do very much hope they don’t make meatballs with octopus!

And I almost forgot, we got to see lots of armor in the Tower of London (which should really be Towers of London, as there are more than one tower.)

They took care of their horses:


I love that they protect their horses.

Not of out love, perhaps, but necessity.  These were violent times!

Hopefully, I’ll have enough energy to post something again tomorrow.  For now, cheers! and thanks for reading.



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