Posted by: octogirl7 | March 27, 2016

The Octopus at the end of the rainbow


Octopus #5 at the end of the rainbow

He’s peeking at me.  So just a couple of maroon bumps, at the end of the rainbow.  But how often do you get to actually see an octopus at the end of the rainbow?!

This was a small octopus and I enjoyed finding him immensely.


See him?


Easier to see now?

Yeah, I agree, Eagle Eye Challenge.  That’s why I was so happy to spot him.  At first I thought it was just a bump at the top of the coral/rock. But when he slid down and changed color, that made my sighting concrete.  The smallest one I’ve seen in a while and that always makes me happy.  Shows they are continuing to make new octopuses.  And in case you have a hard time seeing him, he’s just above the slice in the rock.  So look at the shadowy part in the middle and then look up.  In the 2nd picture, you can see some of his legs.  Of course, it’ll make it easier if you can click on the photo to make it bigger.

None of the 5 octopuses got out and danced for me or hunted.  Mostly they hid.  Probably wondering why someone was bothering them on Easter.

I did meet a nice young man on the way in today.  I heard him greet the man who works there with a cheery Happy Easter!  As we walked down the hill, he asked me if I knew where the best place to snorkel was.  Well, of course I did!  So I told him where to see octopuses.  He said, Excuse me?  Apparently he thought he was hearing things.  So I told him about the blog and then kicked myself later for not telling him how to find it! Turns out he was from Belgium.  He said he was lucky that none of his family members who are still there were injured in the recent attacks.  I was glad to hear that, too. I invited him to church, to which he replied that he had gone yesterday.  But he thanked me for the invitation.  I wondered, since he had a beard, how happy he’d be with his mask.  Usually beards help the water sneak in.  Had I known I would be meeting him, would have told him about the vaseline solution.  (A little Vaseline on your beard helps the seal.)  But who knew?

And of course there was a great sunrise. Not so many clouds, so not pink, but still great:


Nice light and great water

I did think of going outside again, but decided against it.  Not enough time.  My priority is always to see octopuses, and when I go outside, often the chances go way down.  Probably because the water is deeper.  Since I snorkel, I’m usually at the surface most of the time, and they are usually down on the rocks.  So, too far away.


It’s hard to take a bad photo of such nice water. Especially with no one in it.

I really didn’t want to get out of the water today.  But I did also want to go to church.  Which I was early for!  Don’t faint.

But before I got out, I had a nice surprise: a flounder.  A big one.


A nice big peacock flounder.

I was so entranced with getting a shot of his tail, since it rested against a rock and was more visible, that I didn’t get any great shots of his eye.  Which was circling around, watching me as I lingered above him.  He WAS big, but big for a flounder isn’t big compared to me.  Although I am smaller than I once was. But I digress…

Palm tree for my sweetheart:



And there were two barracuda today, slinking around.  I know it wasn’t the same one, because the markings on the first one were darker.  As far as I know, they aren’t able to change their coloration.  (Just one of the many ways they are inferior to octopus. Sorry Barracudas!)


Barracuda #1

Of course, I didn’t get close.  Not that it would let me.  They tend to slide off when you approach them., which is fine with me.


OK, so why did I take this photo?

Because it just occurred to me today: how on earth do they get those stones and other things on their “backs”?  I mean, it’s not like they have fingers or hands.  But I guess all those little white things can move stuff along.  Who knew?


Octopus #2 just breathing.

There’s a cool aqua color inside the siphon, too.  I didn’t catch it this time, but look for it if you get to be close to these cool creatures.

And for one of the few times ever, I actually got a pretty good photo of the Bright Eye Chromis:


Cute little guy…

And this trigger fish.  Never did figure out what he was going after in the hole, but he stayed in there for so long, I eventually moved along:


I do see them poke into a hole, but they usually come right back out.

And to close on a different note, if you don’t know about Saffire the Uppity Blues Women, check them out: Middle Aged Blues…men are either married, bored or tired.  HA. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pure proof that women can be all those things too.  I also found Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows.  Oh who thinks those names up?!

Have a great Easter.  HE IS RISEN!


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