Posted by: octogirl7 | March 13, 2016

Don’t go barefoot…..

When you get to the Bay, Hanauma Bay that is, on the island of Oahu, please try not to walk on the bottom.

Not just because the “rocks” are really living coral (even though they look bedraggled).  Not Just because even if you walk only on the sand, you’ll still stir up the bottom and make the visibility horrible.  (Sounds worse in French….OR EEEE BULL) But because of this little guy:


Eagle Eye Challenge #1

Do you see him/her?!  I didn’t either, until s/he moved…..I put the video on youtube.  Perhaps this will help you:


Devil Scorpion Fish

This one was only about 4 maybe 5 inches long.  I have heard that even though small, they have the same amount of venom as adults. I don’t have personal knowledge that this is true, Thank God!, but also do not want to find this out.

If you still cannot spot it, look for the slightly orange line that is its mouth. Just slightly agape.  To the left of the big gray rock. And if you click on it, I believe you’ll be able to see the slight spots of green that are its eyes.  So you see?  That’s why you DO NOT want to walk on the bottom.  This one was about 10 feet offshore in the area where lots of visitors get in and walk around.  Who would know that this pain inducer was even there? Again, not something I’d suggest you do.  (I’m working on not using exclamation points in my posts….So just see them in your mind.)  They have not only teeth, but also spines on their backs.  I don’t know if I have ever heard of someone stepping on one in the Bay….but really, do you want to be the first?!

So, warning aside, I would like to happily proclaim that I gave no lectures today.  I didn’t see any visitors walking on the coral or being generally inexperienced…but then, I was only in for just over an hour.  And found 5 octopuses, too.  The day was packed!  I also realized while snorkeling around in all my fave spots that I had totally forgotten to bring that extra cup of decaf coffee that I fully made at home…so I got out early not just to make sure I didn’t have to break any speed limits on the way to church, but also so I could stop and buy a coffee.  I am happy to report that the 7-11 on the way home has excellent decaf.  Should you need to know: Niu Valley 7-11.

But enough about me.  Let’s show you what God showed me this morning:

This one shows you not only early-morning-pink, but also palm trees.


The photo is packed: palms, pink, clouds, ocean and…the metal detecting guy.

Oh yeah, you would be surprised how many people lose their jewelry.  Warning #2: Please do not wear your diamonds, heavy gold jewelry and wedding rings to the Bay.  The water, while not cold by Atlantic standards, is cold next to the human body, so rings will come off and you won’t know until you get back to your hotel and accuse the housekeeping staff of theft. And please don’t do that…that’s why they put safes in the rooms.

But I digress.

There was an amazing display of clouds today.  With pink.  With wisps.  With one layer moving under another layer. A real treat.

Clouds with the sunrise:


Amazing clouds

And note how many different types…cirrus, rolled up, poufy. Guess which of those is a real cloud type? I’m sorta sorry I don’t know the names of all the types.  My fave, though, is Lenticular.  None of these is lenticular, but I have always thought the name is super cool.  (And yes, people do still use COOL as a word.  I even use groovy sometimes when I really want to show my age.)  If you have time, go ahead and Google lenticular and you’ll see what I mean.

I should not that there were at least a dozen photos that I wanted to include in this post.  So many that I actually contemplated creating a separate page with just clouds. But that sounded like work, so please bear with me:



I’m sure I looked pretty goofy while taking these…I was standing in the water near the shoreline, totally leaning back to take the photo from directly overhead.  The poor lifeguard probably visualized me falling over and him having to call an ambulance.  But I finally got smarter and got out of the water to take more on semi-dry land…


Clouds, palms, and beautiful blue sky.  What more does a girl need?

Well, octopus, of course. Duh. HA.

Eagle Eye challenge #2


Octopus #1

This is where it comes in handy to have searched for octopuses in this pond before.  Note the den (the hole to the right of the rocks.)  If you click on the photo, you can barely see the white sucker that told me it was at home.  (And again, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge.)

Eagle Eye Challenge #3 is octopus 4


Octopus #4 is in the den just to the left of the red rocks in the center of the shot.

No really.  Would I lie?  And the cool thing is that another octopus was about 2 yards from this one!  (Dang, it’s hard not to use those exclamation marks) So there was a possible octo-love thing going on.  They don’t usually congregate near one another unless there’s a reason.  Hunting each other (ewwww) or love.  Guess which I prefer?

I do have to finally mention that the other “regular” swimmers yesterday were happy to tell me of the demise of one of the little octopuses.  Why they were happy is very much beyond me, but apparently fish were circling a small octopus.  And when some fish swam away, another fish swooped in and grabbed up the octopus.  And ate it.  See why I didn’t want to mention this?  I have definitely decided that no, I do NOT want to see that video.  I just hope it wasn’t the octopus that was hunting during daylight hours.  I did notice that I didn’t see that one at all this 3 day weekend.  I hope it wasn’t that one. He was the one that put up with me photographing him.


There’s always one octopus that has to blow water at me.  And end up wearing sand.

So you see the dark body (I think it means they’re mad) and the siphon and the eye, lined in red. I was thinking wouldn’t it be weird if one day I got a photo of an octo-eye and saw myself reflected in it?  Definitely not holding my breath on that one.

Another underwater lizard for my sweetheart:


The stripes give it away, but all in all, pretty good camouflage, I think.


Included for 2 reasons

One, that’s a small Giant Trevally.  I had seen a pair of them cruising near the shore this weekend.  Also, it shows the bad visibility that happens when sand gets revved up into the water.  Just another reason to what? NOT walk on the bottom.  Practice using your gear in the pool before you spend money coming to Hawaii.  It’s gonna save you time, money, irritation and possible pain…

And, to finish, many people think that I spend too much money on octo-trinkets.  Yes, I do have octo-t-shirts, octo-earrings, octo-necklaces, octo-photos, even octo-kids-books.  Well, you get the idea.  But often people buy them for me.  But the capper is the $90 octopus that I will never in this life purchase…and no, I don’t need you to purchase it for me, either.  REALLY.


So lifelike! NOT!!

I will admit that I do have some octo-stuffed-toys in my office at home.  Yes, they are cuddly.  And a few years ago, I realized I had twins of some of them, so I gave them to a lady I know who has kids.  The nursery and pre-school enjoyed them.  But 90 bucks? Even I am not that crazy.  Regardless of what my friends think.

And have a great week.  Thanks for reading.  And also, please pray that my new job starting tomorrow goes well.  I’m going to give it my best shot.




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