Posted by: octogirl7 | February 14, 2016

The Buoy

Well, since the almost-dead-body scare a week or so ago, when I sat at the shore watching the water before sunrise, you can imagine me hoping that what I saw in the water wasn’t a dead body. And thank God, it wasn’t.

Mind you, I had to wait until the lifeguard arrived to find out.  It was black and just beyond the wave break on the right.  It didn’t move much, but was being gradually drawn into the beach by the current and waves. It was strange.  I thought if it were a body, surely it would be thrashing about, right?  Well, I do imagine a dead body wouldn’t thrash…

So when the lifeguard got there, he was kind enough to get out his binocs and look at it.  We both thought it might be an upside down bucket.  Sometimes they get air caught inside when they are upside down, and that makes them float.

Once he eyeballed it, though, he told me it was a buoy.  A big, black buoy.  I wondered where it came from. Japan? Maui? More likely, some boat lost its buoy. I was glad that it wasn’t a body. I think he and I were both relieved.

Once that was over, I was able to concentrate on the lovely:


Pretty clouds and palm trees for my sweetheart.  After all, it IS Valentine’s Day!


Pink sunrise and looming clouds

The pink was really pretty.  One of the other regulars noted that the sun had moved behind the rock more.  I, too, had noted that.  During other months, the sun is over the water to the right of this rock.  But it does move throughout the year.  And since Hawaii doesn’t change its time, we don’t adjust for the changes in the sunrise.


For my pal, Perry.  We both love the sun on the water.


Octopus #1. He doesn’t like me, but didn’t blow water at me, either. I guess that’s progress!

In a previous post, I showed how the octopus had made a wall…here’s another wall, by  another octopus, I suppose:


Octopus den, with outlying wall

I am still so amazed that they could think this up! I know they put rocks in and around their dens, but this is tool using, in my mind. Sadly, this octopus didn’t appear to be home.  It may have been, but they also can dig underneath, so it could just have been hiding.  Not sure how one would find this out, but I suspect that they have tunnels underneath, with a back escape hatch. They ARE smart, after all.  Any smart animal wants a way to get away…

Here’s octopus #4, just resting above its den.


Octopus #4 let me watch and film…again.

And in the video below, it gets scared by a fish passing nearby and ducks.

I have also seen them whip out an arm to thwap something they don’t like.  Like pestering fish. Thankfully, I haven’t made an octopus mad enough to do that…yet…They don’t even release their ink at me.  Ah, the octopus whisperer.

I also saw 2 cowrie shells, showing their bottoms:


It was a struggle not to turn them over, but I do try not to disturb the scene.


I was surprised by octopus #5…the trevally chased it and it went underneath this coral.

You can see how different the visibility of the water was on the right side.  I guess because the current flows that way, it can be really bad vis.

And last, but not least, a buck toothed Barred File Fish:


Barred File Fish showing its teeth.

I was also surprised, when I enlarged and looked at the photo, that it appears to have sand clinging to its skin.

Onward to President’s Day!  Possibly the last swim day of the long weekend.  YES!!!



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