Posted by: octogirl7 | February 13, 2016

9 octopuses and a new phone!

Yes, nine octopuses deigned to let themselves be seen today.  And it took two and a half hours to find them.  And when I was done, I was pooped.

However, I had said I would get a new phone this weekend (since my old phone will have to be returned when I leave my job), so my friend Jen hooked me up.  And I got a surprise tablet too! SCORING!!!

Here is octopus #4 in three of its color patterns


Octopus in its den with just the head and suckers showing


Same octopus, different moment.


The color variations are quick and amazing

This octopus let me photograph him from about a foot away.  I have a wonderful zoom lens, which allows me to appear to be close, but still not too close. The middle photo above is when someone else swam by…I guess the octopus’s nerve was overused.

Later in the swim, I was just thinking of all the animals I hadn’t seen yet: the cornetfish.  Eel. The trunk fish.  Lined butterfly fish. barracuda. And then, there it was:


The barracudas I see are always alone and always hanging out in the funky vis water.

I am very thankful they don’t seem to hang out in groups:  MUCH more intimidating.  Not that this one couldn’t do some damage, but they are beyond being interested in me. Thank you, God!


Octopus, but with a friend: the Brighteye Chromis.

And I doubt this octopus would call the fish a friend. At one point, the octopus snaked its arm up to try to make the little guy go away.  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch that with my lens and it didn’t do it again.  Those Chromis are fast, too.  These are the ones that always zoom into a hole in the reef when I show up.


Octopus #6

And yes, you might well think that there’s no octopus there.  But trust me, she’s underneath those rocks.  That’s what they do, I’m told, when they are guarding their eggs.  This one moved the white rock, so that was further evidence of her being in there. It’s different movement than what the water current or waves would do.

And a baby manini:


Baby manini

Manini means worried about the little stuff.  She is so manini! This is a cute fish, but plentiful and usually much larger, so I don’t pay them much mind.  I like the eyes, how they are on the same stroke of black, so if they are looking straight, the eye is hidden. Good protective measure.

And then there was the mystery gunk:


I have NO clue what this stuff might be!

It looked kinda like some glue or something.  And in the middle, in the bottom hold, there was a small animal that poked out a bit every once in a while.  Very odd.  I have never seen anything like it.  I wonder if it’s some kind of egg mass or something.  IF YOU KNOW, please let me know by commenting!

All in all, it was a great dive and I wasn’t mean to anyone…progress, I think.

OK, now I gotta go break in my new phone.  See ya!



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