Posted by: octogirl7 | February 6, 2016

Please don’t feed the fish

Today, Hanauma Bay was closed.  AGAIN! They had jelly fish last weekend and now have some kind of electrical problem.  One that has kept the Bay closed all week.  They HOPE they will be open Sunday.  Me too!

So I explored another pond.  This one was near the War Memorial in Waikiki. I found a beach with other swimmers.  Don’t like to swim alone.  Of course, my preference would be that they are all on the beach and I’m the only one in the water.  Yeah, I’m selfish that way: I want them on the beach so they can call someone if I get into trouble, but not in the water where I have to watch for them!

Anyway, I walked from the car and put on my dive skin, glove and got into the water.  Not clear water, but certainly refreshing.

Saw most of the usual suspects: a pair of Moorish Idol.  Convict tangs. Humu (both kinds) and for my sweetheart, a trunk fish!


A nice little female box fish

She scooted around the coral head.  Kinda shy, but nice fish.

A pair of damsel fish were protecting their territory:


I shall have to investigate which type these are.

I have wondered for quite a while what makes these nice round tunnels in the bottom:


I don’t know if the shrimp make these tunnels, but there was an orange and white one that slid down inside it when it saw me.

Of course, just before I got the camera going.

I also was able to pick up a shell with a hole in it:


I have heard that octopus make such a hole in shells. And an operculum or two, too.

And at the top of that photo, just to the left of the TokiDoki hello kitty pen is a parrot fish jaw. OH YEAH, it is! Sweetheart researched it for me.


It has the hinges on the side of the jaw and teeth in front.

Once he told me, it totally made sense.  Parrot fish have these incredibly strong looking teeth.


Opercula, near two other shells

I love the opercula…they protect the shell by keeping out interlopers.  But since I was able to pick these up, obviously they are not perfect protection.  And behind the big white one is part of a turban shell.  I had to throw that part away, as there was a bit of animal remaining on it, keeping one bit attached to the other.

So as I was walking along the ocean, prior to entering the water, there was a lady feeding the fish offshore.  Apparently, she hadn’t read the sign.  When I read it to her, she laughed and walked on….Please do not feed the fish!


Makes sense to me

Of course, we did have palm trees and sunrise:


God’s rays…different park.

There was also a rainbow, glancing off the hotels and reflecting on the water:


Rainbow near Royal Hawaiian hotel

And some rain offshore:


Pretty, how the different areas of rain show up.

You will have noted by now that the one thing I didn’t see was an octopus.  Oh, they were probably there, somewhere, but I didn’t catch sight of any.  Unfortunately, since this isn’t a nature preserve, people can catch them.  I wouldn’t, but that’s just me!

Please pray with me that the Bay is open again tomorrow. And thanks for reading!



  1. One of the new friends on a cruise a few years ago told me to take some bread in my swim suit pocket to attract the fish while snorkling.
    After reading your blog I will not do that again, thanks

    • It SEEMS like a good idea
      But thks for stopping!

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