Posted by: octogirl7 | January 17, 2016

The Wall

Today’s snorkel started out a bit oddly: I had totally forgotten to put on my dive watch!  And of course, it’s SUNDAY.  The ONLY real day that I need to know the time (so I can get to church on time.)  Fortunately, I prayed to be on time to church and got out of the water and in the car and without even speeding, arrived safely and on time at church.  I even got to eat some almonds for breakfast.

Seven octopuses….yay! A great number, especially for a Sunday.  But the truly amazing thing I didn’t notice until I got home and looked at the pix: the octopuses built a wall!


Octopuses built a wall between their dens

Yes, I KNOW it sounds crazy.  I have heard that octopuses use tools (look for the octopus video on youtube where the octopus carries a shell half on the ocean floor’s sandy bottom and then connects the top to the bottom…and hides inside!!!) But I have never heard of them building a wall to separate one den from another. Am I crazy or is this amazing?! I thought of it as keeping separate until someone gets a “let’s get together” idea.  My hubby thought it was being really kind: keeping separated so one doesn’t eat the other!

For whatever reason, this is the coolest thought for me…that they can actually build a structure!  I know they move rocks around and put them outside to mark their dens, but building a wall is totally outside my experience.  I shall have to add this to my list of things to look for in future dives.

And if I have neglected to mention this in the past (because Alex and I have negative intention of hiking), it is possible to hike up above Hanauma Bay.


See the 3 on top of this hill?!

Of course, I originally took the photo because the pink cloud caught my eye.  The hikers were a bonus. And no, you will probably never see me up there.Why would I be up there and out of the water?!?!

And for my pal, Perry, sunrise:


This sunrise even has God’s rays shining out


Eagle Eye Challenge?

Of course, the immediate thought is that I’m showing you the 4 spot butterfly.  It IS a lovely fish, but no.

I am showing you one of the little fishes that has so much heart and energy, it constantly amazes me.  It’s the Bright Eye Chromis!  They are so quick in darting about (and into holes) that I have a hard time actually catching them in a photo.  This one is in the hole in the rock in the center of this shot.  And as it turns out, this one had 2 other pals, who also confounded me when I tried to “catch” them on camera.  ONE DAY I will get a really good shot of them.

So did you know there is snow in Hawaii?


Octopus #5 made its own snow

It totally blew water at me several times.  And then it has to live with the consequences of its actions. You can see the white siphon.  The surrounding maroon part (its body) ends up being lined in sand.






Octopus #5 watches to make sure I’m going….which I did…eventually.


Octopus #5 with its lines of sand….

And a nice cowry shell:


Cowry shell with macro lens

The only eel I saw today was a little snowflake, poking just a bit out of a rock:


Little snowflake moray..just his face.

And a nice surprise: I found a juvenile rock mover wrasse:


The look a bit like seaweed and move like it too, flitting in the current.

And so after this nice 7 octopus snorkel, and good church and Bible study, I arrived home and took a photo of the laundry problem my hubby experienced:


In case you can’t tell, it’s a hand towel.  All the bigger ones were dirty, so he had to improvise after his shower! HA

The bigger towels are drying now, even as I write.

And in the good news category, holiday tomorrow, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., so I get another chance for octo-adventures, God willing.





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