Posted by: octogirl7 | January 16, 2016

Our friends’ tragic loss

We found out this week that our friend lost his Mom and Dad in a car accident.  Sadly, as people age, they sometimes lose some of the faculties they had in younger years. You know this! I don’t know the cause of the accident or whose “fault” it was, but that really doesn’t matter right now.  They are both gone and our friends have flown to handle the arrangements.  Alex and I have both lost both our parents, so this brings all that sadness and grief back to us.  I can’t say I know how they feel, but I have some idea.  If there is good in this, it’s that neither one survived the other for long. It always seems so sad when two people live lives together and then one dies and the other lingers, missing the lost one. In this case, the family will grieve and hopefully remember the good times, not the sad ones.  Please join me in praying for this family.

It kinda makes octopuses and eels seem inconsequential. Life does go on, though, so here’s today’s report.

7 octopuses!  One frog fish.  Nice sunrise.  Good clouds. No rain. God in His Heaven.  All is good.

A different kind of palm tree photo:


Palm, planet, boat and red light on the beach.

I thought at first Mars, the red planet, had landed on the beach.  But no.  A man, looking with his red light for metal on the beach.  Now that’s dedication!


Palms, planet and clouds…early morning, before sunrise.

And of course, the sun did rise.


Sunrise, with accompanying light on the water. Not a shot you can get from the beach.

Eagle Eye Challenge #1:


Octopus #1.  See it?!

If you have been reading and looking at my blog and pix long enough, you’ll know where to look.  My main High Achieving Friend, who can spot any Eagle Eye Challenge object quickly, is off on maternity leave right now. Yeah, you’d think she could have MORE time to look, but sadly, she doesn’t have cable at the house.  She gonna have LOTS of challenges when she returns to work next month.  (The hint: it’s in the hole, to the left of the red rock.)

Another shot of the sunrise:


Not as good as the earlier sunrise shot, but I placed it for a reason: click on the photo and look at the top of the waves: you can see the water droplets!  I tell ya, Olympus rocks!

Well, other than the fact that I can no longer buy the TG-2….but that’s another story…

Is it too soon for another Eagle Eye Challenge? #2:


Hint: Octopus #2

Really, this is designed to train YOUR eye so you can also spot these little darlings when you are next in the water.  I tell ya: God was crazy creative the day He created these guys. I mean, what other animal can roll the color down its skin?  Interact with humans?  Make its skin warty on a whim? Fight off aggressive fish?  Kill sharks? (If you are in doubt about that last one, look on youtube for octopus kills shark.  It’s quite a story.  Not mine, but still good…)


Same octopus, different moment. Hiding in its den.

And even though this one didn’t show much skin, it was good to see one back in the den that’s been empty off and on for a while:


Octopus #3

A smart one: stayed outa sight, mostly.


Octopus #4

I suspect this one is the same one that did all the hunting on January 2.  What a dazzling hunting display that was!  (Peek on youtube on that day and look for octopus and octopus hunting…octopigirl7 channel.)

Can’t prove that, of course.  If only I could stay in the water 24/7 and survey all their activities.  You, generally speaking, won’t catch me night diving, though.  Certainly not alone! And H Bay isn’t open in the middle of the night. Probably for the best: I’m told sharks and eels hunt at night.

Found El Frog Feesh again: Well, apparently, the frog fish is kinda shy right now and doesn’t want to be uploaded…no huge loss!  Looks pretty much the same as the last time.  With the frog fish, there are tiny changes, not huge ones.  Having said that, though, if this is the same frog fish that we spotted last year, in April, I think, the huge change was color!  At that time, it was smaller and yellow.  SO MUCH easier to spot!

Perhaps I will publish this and try another few photos on post #2.  Hang on!

Back soon!






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