Posted by: octogirl7 | January 5, 2016

Last day of the weekend

The New Year has really started off with some great viewings.

However, when I arrived at the Bay yesterday, I was greeted with the dreaded sign: Jellyfish!

I had been warned on Sunday that jellyfish were due.  Fortunately, I didn’t see any at all during my early morning swim. I prayed before I got in the water and my prayer was answered! So when I arrived yesterday, I was a bit concerned, thinking that I had dodged the bullet and that today the bullet would finally find me.

But no!

I did walk along to beach to see if there were any jellyfish on the shore: no. And when I got in after sunrise, again after praying for safety and good viewings, I kept my eyes open, often looking up toward the surface to check for jellyfish.  But again, spotted none. This was really amazing, as there had been 43 stings on the previous day.  Maybe they are just not early risers.

In any case, I was treated to 8 octopus views.  Five or so were “regulars” that I see routinely.


Octopus #1

See how well they hide?! There’s a little gap in the coral and there it hides.


Octopus #2, just before she blew water at me.

This octopus is quite determined to push me away.  Literally. This is the one that has me concerned she might be on the way out.  Note the white coloration.

I am, by the way, totally willing to be wrong about this!



Ah oui!



Octopus peeking at me.

Still amazes me that I can be hanging in the water, filming, and people will cruise right on by.  Not even caring what I’m filming.  I’m more curious than that.

A trevally was swimming in circles, so I stopped to find out why:


Nice eel

They never bother me.  Well, other than the few times one chased me.  And it wasn’t this type. These guys always hang out, look menacing, but never follow me.  Thank you, God!

I also spotted something on the bottom that made me stop to examine it.  Turned out to be a slipper lobster carcass:


Somebody ate a lobster dinner

There was also a territorial humuhumunukunukuapua’a…that tried to scare a smaller one.  It’s a chance to compare the different types:


Lagoon trigger and “regular” trigger

The littler one, near the hole, kept out of reach of the bigger, Lagoon Trigger.


Giant Trevally

I saw quite a few of these pretty fish.  They are always in kinda funky water, though…I’ve never gotten a photo that really shows how pretty they are. Pretty, silvery and fast.

Its cousins, the bluefin trevally, found safety in numbers:


Bluefin Trevally trio

I find these colors lovely, but the eyes never interact.  They are not as interesting as the octopus.  But then, what is?!

A bluefin trev helped me find octopus #8:


Octopus #8 was being circled by a bf trev

My biggest challenge on this dive, in addition to watching out for jellyfish, was not turning this huge cone shell over:


Huge cone shell

I tried to place one of my fins near it, so I could judge the size.  I’m sure I looked really goofy with one fin extended down and the other up in the air! Ballet got nothin’ on me.

Suffice to say, I was sorely tempted to turn this puppy over to see what kind of cone shell it was.  But my rule about not altering the scene held and I left it alone.  But what a great find. I’m pretty sure it was occupied, too, so much better to leave it alone.

For those of you who might not know, NEVER touch a live cone shell.  They have powerful poison and can “bite” you.  If you have to touch it (not sure why you’d ever really need to), grab by the wider end.  The “mouth” of the animal is in the skinnier end.

There have been some Yellow Tangs inside the reef lately.


Tangs a lot!

That was for my brother, who is always very punny.

So, ending the dive, I was incredibly thankful that there were no jellyfish and that I saw lots of octopuses and other cool things.

Have a great week!




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