Posted by: octogirl7 | January 2, 2016

My Super Power

Well, upon opening the fast food bag today, I actually broke a nail! I KID YOU NOT!

So Hubby said: Babe! That’s your super power! Break a Nail Woman!

HA.  Definitely a super power i would rather be without…

I would like to be Honors God Woman.  Or Octopus Whisperer!

I haven’t counted, but I had probably over 30 minutes of video of a young octopus, hunting.  I am in the final stages of uploading, so please do me a favor (and support octopuses worldwide!) by going to youtube and asking for octopigirl7.  There was hunting. There was flying.  There was thwapping.  The whole 9 yards!

And if you know someone who might enjoy, please tell them about the videos.  I have a goal of having more than 20 readers.  You gotta have goals!

Mostly, I feel very blessed by God for today.  I have NEVER seen so much good stuff with one octopus.  The little guy had basically no fear of me. Pretty rare.  But I’m grateful.

So six octopuses.  One lizard fish. nice clouds.  great moon. planets.  And NO lectures given.  I am blessed.

And the little guy stood up:



A post with just one photo?!  Could this actually happen?  OF COURSE NOT!


For my pal, Perry.  Sunrise with light on the water.

Oh isn’t God’s design just so fab?!

And since I saw no flounder and no box fish, palm tree and associated coolness:


Only God could think this beauty up!

And now, it’s time to get on with life and leave the octopuses to themselves.  Everyone needs some down time….




  1. Tanks for the money sunrise shot. And of course the rest of blog & pics
    See you Very soon.

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