Posted by: octogirl7 | November 27, 2015

A Good Problem!

The “problem” today was so many good photos, hard to decide which to use in the post!

I saw 6 octopuses, 1 frog fish, very nice clouds and some palms trees.  Oh yeah: and I found another ring!


Oh my!

Nice ring!  If they are little diamonds, there are 24 little diamonds.  Who knows?  I’m thinking they might be actual diamonds because the setting is quite secure and the quality of the work is really good.  Not a cheap ring, even if they are CZs.  Comment if you think I should try to find the owner OR if you think Finders Keepers.  I’m of 2 minds, so need your input!

More importantly, 6 octopuses and a frog fish!


Octopus neighbors

You can see both octopuses in this shot.  There is #2 in the slot just to the left of the big red rock.  And #1 is peeking at me on the right, also just to the left of a small red rock.  I love it when they peek at me! It’s that interaction that makes me enjoy looking for them.

Later, one of the octopuses blew water at me. It had been quietly waiting for me to go away, so I was surprised when it suddenly gathered its energy and blew!


Octopus before….



Octopus after!

You can see the bits of whatever that are flying out of its siphon.  I respected its wishes and swam away….pretty quickly….I laughed.

While this morning’s sunrise was not quite as dramatic as yesterday’s, it was still awe inspiring. There was rain out at sea and light before and after it:


Oh what a God we have!

The thing that really amazes me is how different the sunrises are…levels of light, layers of clouds, rain, shape of clouds.  Infinite varieties.

Palm trees for my sweetie


See what I mean about the variety?

and the choices


Oh it’s nice to have choices

Like the choice I had to give lectures.  There was a diver (I’ll admit, I hold them to a higher standard! They have supposedly been trained in what to do…grabbing on to rocks to propel themselves is NOT on that list!) I spoke with the young lady, after some difficult sign language asking her to pop up to hear.

She said she didn’t speak English, so I simply asked her not to pull herself along from rock to rock. Really, that should be diving 101!

The 2nd lecture, also to someone who wasn’t an English speaker, ended up being a request to swim (see the hand gestures in your mind) and not stand and walk in her tennis shoes on the bottom.

I know some people don’t like confrontation.  I am definitely not confrontation challenged (I can hear my hubby laughing as he reads that) and I do try to be nice.  But I also cannot stand the obvious, if unintentional, damage to a reef and ocean floor that already gets beaten down 6 of 7 days a week by an overflow of visitors. Marine Preserve, anyone?!

There were 3 youngster octopuses today.  Hurray!


Octopus 4 or 5

You can see the siphon.  This one was definitely trying to become part of the rock so I would go away.  Was it something I said?!

After I saw this one, I saw another small one.  Same octopus?  Hard to tell just by looking so I went back to the location of the first of the two and sure enough, it was there in its hole.  So definitely 2 small ones.  Happy about that.

One of the regular swimmers stopped me to ask if I had seen the Frog Fish.  I replied that I hadn’t and swam along.

Later at the almost end of the dive, I had the feeling that if I went back, I would see it and sure enough, finally found the Frog Fish. Ugly as ever.  I guess beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.



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