Posted by: octogirl7 | November 19, 2015

Cars, Rodin and Buca!

On Wednesday, we hit the Nethercutt Museum of cars…


Teardrop coupe

and my other fave: The Ferrari Spyder!


I could just see the speeding tickets piling up…

An absolutely fabulous collection of cars…and we just saw part of it! we go back today to see the rest of the car collection and organs, hood ornaments, and Lord only knows what else.

Then, since it was almost noon, we had time to spare, so we visited the Norton Simon museum of art.  Good thing we had only stepped 17500 steps the previous day at Disneyland..ha


I love Rodin’s sculptures…so lifelike

And I have been gifted each day by finding typos in printed media.  I found a boo-boo on the printed material near the 1937 Cadillac: they had “fist” instead of “first.”

Then today while reading the car book, they had a FRENCH typo. Voision instead of Voisin.

At the Big Boy yesterday with Alex, the Big Boy and Domo.  I would make the Domo sighting an Eagle Eye challenge, but it might be too easy.



Another typo at Norton Simon: they had “de sculptures” instead of des… Luckily, they had comment cards, so we were able to let them know. The people at this museum were really great: friendly and knowledgeable.  The paintings were fine too.  Many we had see the brother or sister of in the museums of Paris.  Quite a great collection.

I did find out, while talking with one of the curators, that there are no new pieces purchased, since Norton Simon died…but he did say that they can exchange pieces.  The incredible thing is that they have 10,000 other pieces that are NOT on display! What a trip that would be to see.  I know the other French museums also have items that they have in storage, since they too have somewhat limited space.

Then we were hungry, so we zoomed over to the Pasadena  Buca di Beppo.  Turned out Becky’s birthday was coming up on Friday, so we had the Buca song and free brownie….well Tom and Becky had it, that is. We had already stuffed ourselves on salad and carbonara.  Tres yummy.

Quite a lovely day.  We motored on to the hotel and read and fell asleep.



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