Posted by: octogirl7 | November 11, 2015

How do they place the rocks?!

Perhaps because I’m used to looking for octopuses, it took me a while to think of this question: how do urchins put the rocks on their, for the lack of a better word, heads?


Urchin with rocks

It’s not as if they have long arms with suckers so they can manipulate things.  They do have moving parts, but as far as I know, those parts aren’t very long.  Wouldn’t it be cool if they had someone help them?

I think it’s a protective layer of rocks and other stuff. There is a lot of “stuff” in the area where I find these (and octopuses.) So it would be easy to find the rocks, but to put them on as their daily outfit? Not sure how that happens.


You can see their little white “fingers”

Perhaps they pick something up with some of the little spiny things and then move them along their outside with other spiny things.  And if I didn’t think it would be as slow a process as watching paint dry, I might try to watch one to see if it adds anything while I am watching.  But really, I don’t have that kind of time!

Today, I had 2 and a half hours to find 4 octopuses, 2 peacock flounders, scads of convict tangs, a few ringtail surgeon fish and a biggish ulua:


It swam by me very quickly. took 2 photos only!

I didn’t notice fish “running” either, so I think the somewhat poor visibility took its toll on all of us.

I did also see a lovely sky, some clouds and pre- and actual sunrise:


two celestial bodies while it was still dark

I would like to think that the movement of the earth made the little dots into lines in the photo…but it was probably the movement of the photographer, sorry to say.


Clouds looked an eerie white prior to the sun’s rising



I wonder if there’s a name for the pre-sunrise?  There should be!  Maybe sunwait.  Or suncoming. ha


The lone palm tree

Had to take it in this direction, because people were already wandering all around, trying to get settled before the “real” sunrise took place.  They missed the boat! By the time the sun really rose, the pink was gone. It’s all about the pink, bout the pink, no treble…. (are you hearing the song?!)


Not as much pink as the original one I planned to upload, but it has the added benefit of a palm tree…

And we know my hubby loves palm pix!

Eagle eye challenge #1: this one is kinda sneaky.  I’ll tell you why:


Eagle Eye Challenge…what’s the important thing?!

Yeah, it’s not the plant.  It’s the park bench! That’s the Betty Heins bench in the background on the left.  I had been warming that bench up about 5 minutes prior and then walked over to get ready to get wet and the plant attracted my eyes.  So I got the bench by accident.

Waves are rarely my choice of subject, because, when coupled with wind, they usually mean fairly funky visibility in the water.  Which it was.  But I still found enough good stuff to photograph for 2.5 hours!

Isn’t God good?!


This shot is over in Witches Brew, and shows you what the water was doing against the rocks.

The lifeguard advised against going out there.  DUH.  But it is a needed warning for those who are not acclimated to our waters.  We don’t need a drowning ever, but especially not on Veterans’ Day!  Happy Veterans Day to all those of you who read this, and have served.  THANK YOU.



  1. With their hundreds of tiny arms…

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