Posted by: octogirl7 | November 1, 2015

You can’t count shoulda been

Aloha!  Had a nice, if quick, swim this morning.  I was somewhat tired after our church’s Trunk of Treat event, as an alternative to Hallowe’en.  FUN!  But I took over 400 photos, so I was tired.  And it wasn’t really the camera work that tired me out, but that the only food available there was either candy, which my hips definitely don’t need, and nacho/chili stuff with tortillas.  Nothing wrong with the menu, but it was very hot and I didn’t have a free hand to eat anything, what with the camera attached to me like an umbilical cord.

So the point is, I was hungry today.  I opted to swim for a shorter period of time so I could stop for some food on the way to church..I won’t advertise them, but it rhymes with Ronald.

Anyway, three octopuses!  One was a new one, as far as I can tell, and two were regulars.

#1: I would call it an Eagle Eye challenge, but it wouldn’t be fair: even I couldn’t see the octopus in this photo, mostly because it sank down into its den, never to rise again.  At least not while I was watching.


See what I mean?!

Yeah, really good hiding on the part of the octopus.  (Keep reading…another hider reappeared today…)

Then octopus #2:


This one didn’t seem to mind me watching it. A regular.

You’ll have noticed once again that I am calling an octopus an IT.  That’s because I can’t tell which sex they are, just by looking at their head.  And truth be told, even if I saw its legs, I probably still couldn’t tell!  There is a sexual part of one leg if it’s a male, but I’m not really sure I’d recognize it.  Not that I get to see the legs very often.  Usually, I see them in their dens.  And I certainly don’t try to pull them out to see their legs! Heaven forbid!


Octopus #3

This was the new one.  I think they were all adults, as their size seemed similar.  Smaller and younger usually looks really a lot smaller.

Oops, forgot sunrise:


Did I mention that I’m IN the water while taking these?

Yeah, it’s the swim, bounce up with the camera, then flop back down into the water.  And yes, with all the shark stories going around lately, I am aware that my head being out of the water while my body is in the water could be problematic!

OK, enough about the scary animals.  I know they’re there, but fortunately, God has provided protection for me. (And in my head I heard: cross my fingers!  DUH. Christians don’t need luck….. But it’s still in my head.)

And so on to the dens where there should have been an octopus.  But with the visibility (lacking) I found dens, but couldn’t be positive that there was or wasn’t an octopus inside:


Octo den sans octopus!  At least, as far as I could see.

There totally could have been an octopus in there, but the water clarity wasn’t clear, so couldn’t count anything that I couldn’t see.  It’s also totally possible that the octopus built this den, then left to go hunting. Who knows?

And the great camouflage frog fish was back today:


Oh yes, it’s there!

It’s the green-ish, bumpy thing.  Perhaps a little more light on it today, but still it blends in really well.  So well, in fact, that when I tried to find it again 20 minutes later, I couldn’t. Yeah, good camouflage to say the least.

And yeah, get ready for this picture…It’s kinda yucky, but just one of the things I found today: another dental bridge!


Told ya, it’s yucky!

Really.  If you lost your fake teeth, wouldn’t you immediately notice and look around for them?  Of course, no telling how long they were in the ocean…with the gunk on them, probably a while.  You should have seen the face of the worker up the hill when I asked her for a kleenex and then put these down on it.  Her face underwent quite a transformation! From curiosity to ewwwwww in a millisecond! If it were me, I’d be too embarrassed to admit I lost them….

OK time for eagle eye challenge:


Do you see it?

Yes, it’s octopus #2.  You caught it?  I must admit, even though I took the photo, I couldn’t immediately remember why I took it, until I looked more closely. (If you don’t see it, click on the photo.)

And for sweetie bumps, a box! A box fish, that is.


I don’t see very many of these anymore..not sure why. And they love to fly away.

A circling trevally gained my attention, but it was circling an eel, not the hoped for octopus:


See the mouth and then the rest of the body under the rock?


Palms heading toward the sky.

And that’s all she wrote!  Nap-time is calling.


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