Posted by: octogirl7 | October 18, 2015

Eight before 7:30!

It will not surprise you to know that seeing 8 octopus before 7:30 a.m. was a very special treat.

I saw them and couldn’t even believe it myself.  Good thing I have the photo and video proof! 🙂


Octopus #1

This one is becoming a “regular”, which I am very happy to have!


Octopus #2

As is the one above.  This one is more likely to let me take pix and not get too upset.

Octopus #3:


This is the one that I recently found up on top of a coral head.

And then #4 was just shoreward from #3:


    Not as easy to see, but click on it and you will.

This one didn’t move very much and seemed to keep the light colors.  I have never discussed this with the octopuses, but it seems to me more of a frightened coloration, so I soon swam away from it.


Octopus 5

This one definitely was not afraid, if you go by the “paleness” rule.  This one was probably mad.  (Chaka mad!)

It was a little one…oh so cute! And even though it was young, it already was showing curiosity, by peeking out at me, when i retreated a little.  Just above the red rock. Dark maroon color.


Octopus #6

Octopus #7:


Octopus lets me take pix.

And the last one, octopus #8:


3 octopuses were young ones!

I don’t know if you noticed, (how could you not?), but the landscape is pretty gray in the bay.  Part of it is sand and part of it is sand the waves have blown onto the coral.  I’m hoping that once the “Fall” and “Winter” kick in, the seas will become colder and the coral will come back.

Granted, due to the bad waves and storms lately, I haven’t ventured very often outside the inner reef.  Which is why I can’t see too many “good” corals….they tend to do better in deeper water.

And for my sweetheart (do you think it’s romantic if i think of him and palm trees at the Chevron station, while getting gas?!). Palms


Palms  early a.m.


Palms a little later (more light)

And a sunrise shot:


Sunrise on the water..

I caught this photo while I was already in the water…easier to do when the sunrise is later….about 6:20.

Which is both good news and bad: that means we are on the way to sunrise at close to 7 a.m., which makes it harder for those of us who go to 9:15 church!

Which brings me to Rachel.

She’s not only a Biblical character…

She’s also a beautiful girl who has t-cell lymphoma.  I know more about this disease than I ever wanted to!  And someone once described it as Dis-Ease,  which it definitely is.  This little 10 year old is battling a horrible disease that I really have to reach into my soul to understand.  And even then, I don’t. I know there are many rationales for why disease happens, especially to someone so young.

But my hope and prayer is that those of you who read this will pray for her.  Pray that she is healed and gets the chance to be a little girl, who doesn’t have to have tutors and hospitals and drugs in her everyday life.

I brought her some little somethings today: a big Hello Kitty gift bag, with 2 sketch pads and pens in it. She loves to draw.  Who knew?!  She won a competition at the hospital, with her sketches.  Her drawing will be on Christmas cards that will go around the world.  I’m thankful to God that I know her.  I would also love to know that she is healed.

God is merciful.  His plan is higher.

Thanks for praying. I will go back soon with the nail polish she wants.  She’s after all, only 10 years old!


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