Posted by: octogirl7 | September 6, 2015

Palm Sunday

Yes, I know that’s not REALLY this month! But with the lack of octopuses (no, none today either.) You will see why in a minute…impatient, you! I got some NICE palm tree shots for hubby.

The palm trees were amazing, again. Note especially the wave action behind the trees, in Witches Brew…


Oh don’t go over there..


See why?!

I heard from a friend that a hiker met his end yesterday in the Bay.  I don’t know exactly where he was or what he was doing other than hiking, but these waves are no joke! Perhaps he was peering over the edge…there is a hiking trail up on top, behind the palm trees on that cliff. The point is that one should NEVER assume safety, especially with waves that are sometimes small but then turn huge in the blink of an eye. I pray for his family.

This tree has been an amazement to us; it’s in our yard:


Our giant asparagus

And no, it really isn’t an asparagus.  But when a friend arrived to go out for brunch with us (Big City Diner, Waialae), he entered our little cottage and said: Hey how did you grow such a huge asparagus?! I have a feeling it would be a really woody bite.  His wife said that the flowers, when they pop out on the stalk, smell odd.  I guess we’ll find out.

I have been meaning to put the Octeapus in the posts:



It’s the little blue thing behind the Hello Kitty octopus.  You are supposed to twist it open and put tea in there and then soak it in hot water.  I won’t be doing that, but thought it was cute. I also thought the HK octopus was cute, what with the sailor hat and all.  I must say, I’ve never seen a pink octopus, except in cartoon and Hello Kitty land.

And there’s the pink Octopus keychain.  I tell ya: once you start collecting something, people give you all kinds of gifts with that in mind!  I had one little girl tell me, after counting in my house, that I had 256 octopus! I can believe….But that’s another post.


And in honor of the man for whom the real Palm Sunday was created…

I have always loved this cross, which sits on my desk.  This little vignette tells you a lot about me, but that’s ANOTHER post!


Here’s another shot of the Bay going off.

And it helps explain why I didn’t see any octopus: I could barely see my hand in front of my face in some of today’s water!


My gardening-gloved hand

This is my hand, held out in front of me to show the cloudiness of the water.  Just imagine swimming along in that soup and coming upon a shark or an eel.  Which, thankfully, I didn’t! But it did give me pause.

Here’s a humu which ventured in front of me:


Not my usual humu photo, is it?!

I gotta stop here and thank God for protection: before getting in, I always pray that we all will be safe, but today I was especially thankful that nothing loomed out of the gloom to bite me! Please pray for calmer water tomorrow.

But really, I’ll put up with poor conditions since it also means that we’ve had several storms in our area recently, all of which, so far, thank God, swept by us without major impact.  Yes, there was flooding, but so far, I haven’t heard of any lives lost due to that.  I’m praying the rest of storm season stays well away from us.  And everyone else, too.

Here’s a really small Sergeant Major (minor):


See the little guy at the top?

He or she probably really wondered what happened to make the water so cloudy…


Yeah, the real scenery was topside…


Impact on me

This photo shows you the real impact on me and my swim: waves and foam!

This means that the water underneath was also roiled up and blasted with watery sand.  Not good visibility.  I felt sorry for the visitors who probably set aside this one day to swim in Hanauma Bay.  They probably got sand in their bathing suits!

I am very thankful that no denizen of the deep pestered me.  And I keep up the hope that tomorrow’s water will be less wavy and more clear.

Until then, aloha!


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