Posted by: octogirl7 | August 27, 2015

The Ring Update

For those of you who read about the wedding ring I found while swimming in Hanauma Bay, here’s the update.

After reading the inscription, I called the Bay.  The people who lost it had left their email address, so I contacted them, in French. (You never realize how limited your language skills are until you try to describe an unusual situation!)

The folks who lost the ring are indeed French!  Sadly, they had already left Honolulu and returned home.  In fact, they were already on another vacation, in Italy! (I guess that’s where you go when you already live in a cool country like France!)

What was funny was that the couple had a wedding website, so I was able to visit that to see what they looked like.

So, in French, I emailed the ring owner.  After a few back and forth emails, also in French, it was decided that I would mail the ring back and they would reimburse me.

anne et nicolas 2014

Does this look like $40 worth of postage?!

I was glad to do it, though.  And the major part of the cost was the insurance.  The customs form required me to be more specific than “jewelry”, so once “ring” was on the form, I was afraid that some enterprising thief would find the package and steal it.  So I put on some insurance.  We’ll see if it gets to France in good order.

It was funny: people on line at the post office were impressed that I was actually turning the ring back to the original owners. One lady even said: “Didn’t I see this story on tv?!”  I said “I hope not!!!”

It was truly an educational story all round: I discovered that there are many French colloquialisms that I don’t yet understand.  I’m hoping that my friend, French prof at UH, and friend at church will be able to explain what I didn’t quite catch. I am kinda bummed that I didn’t get to meet them, but perhaps we will be able to in the future.  Just another good excuse to visit France!


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