Posted by: octogirl7 | August 23, 2015

Anne & Nicolas…of course they are French!

So today’s finds included a golden earring, about 5 inches of a really nasty net and…a wedding ring!

White gold.  Neat design.  And it fits my left hand’s ring finger. However, there’s an inscription: Anne & Nicolas! with a date.  I suppose the wedding date.  So I called the Bay and sure enough, they had reported a ring missing. They had the email of Nicolas, so I have emailed him (in French….just for practice.  What can i say?!) I got an auto-reply that he is gone until 9/12/15.  So I then emailed his colleague (also in French..once you get started, there’s no stopping it..) to ask if they were still in the States.  We’ll see what happens.

anne et nicolas 2014

Of course, you can tell I took the photo, by the Hello Kitty pen.  LOL.

Anyway, I sure hope he gets in touch, most hopefully while they are still here! I’m not saying I don’t trust the French mail, but it would be easier to give it back in person… We’ll see…

One octopus today.


Octopus #1

He was not very irritated by me.  In fact, never changed to the dark maroon color.  I took about 30 shots before it occurred to me to go around behind him and was rewarded by the view of his breathing apparatus.  A small octopus, so very gratifying.

The sunrise amazed even me with its wonderful pinkness.


Oh these colors!

The clouds actually weren’t quite as pink, but photos don’t lie, right? ha.

And before I forget, palms:


Palms for the sweetheart…

I saw a few eels, this small one was the clearest (we are still battling bad visibility…)


Not sure the type, but sure it’s an eel. 

A bluefin trevally flew by and this time, I managed to snag a quick photo:


Bluefin Trevally (Ulua)

I was going to say it still cracks me up how all the fish “run” when one of these guys swims through.  But really, if something so fast and so much bigger than I swam through, I’d probably try to run, too!

I saw a couple of cone shells, but this is the only one where you could see at least a bit of the pattern:


Hebrew Cone, I think.

A nice swim.  We are hearing we might get rain and thunder left over from the storm that passed south of us, so we’ll see!

When viewing the sunrise, I was reminded: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning! So we will wait on further developments.


Enjoy your week.

And I say again: If you are getting into water that is colder than your body temp, don’t wear your rings!  You may ultimately be putting money in my bank account.  Unless you are Anne & Nicolas!



  1. All the pics are nice but I love the palms!

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