Posted by: octogirl7 | August 9, 2015

Would anyone, besides me, miss ’em?

I was wondering today as I swam if anyone else in the Hanauma Bay group is missing the octopuses.  I mean, I tell folks that I haven’t seen them on that particular day, but does anyone think it’s a scary trend?  Or are all the octopuses on vacation…

In any case, once again my octosnooping skills were lacking.  I had a good swim anyway, and got to church on time with many minutes to spare, but really.  I miss those little 8 legged animals!

But I did see some neat clouds and the moon.  and also rain at sea…


Moon and a couple of stars, I think.

I also caught an empty beach, very unusual at H Bay, but it was early:


Oh that it would remain empty…

I did have the chance to explain to a lady, kindly, that while walking backward into the water is better than trying to walk forward with fins on, that swimming was even better and didn’t create bad visibility!  She saw the light..

I also spotted a giant red planet


OK, it’s actually a drop of rainwater on the lens, but do you see how it could have been a planet?!

There were several eels: the usual suspects.  Snowflake moray and the two that I forget the name of…

And a big eye emperor and a humu and an urchin that lost its life to supply protein for the fishes…

Even though lacking the 8 legged animals, still a good swim.



  1. So sorry you are missing your Octopus friends But glad you are checking in with pic’s and account of swim . P

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I can totally see the planet!!! Glad you had a good snorkel minus the octopi😔! Maybe next time! Have a tremendous week!!!

  3. Thanks and you too, Deb!

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