Posted by: octogirl7 | August 8, 2015

Double digits

A friend of mine turned 10 today!  She proudly proclaimed she was double digits! Hurray!

I am sorry to report that I have been double digits for a while and now can only hope to one day become triple digits. Well see about that last part…

Since I had prayed last night that we not have jelly fish in the pond, God was once again accommodating and there were none.  There were also no octopuses.  The double digit girl had asked for octopus and gold rings (she’s the one who went with me when I sold some rings I had found and made $185…she thought that was great! I also discovered she owes her mother some $$, so if she had found some rings, some of that money would have immediately vanished.  I’m afraid it was to help pay for an American Girl doll…but it was a Paris American Girl doll, so I didn’t complain about her choice…)

I had also prayed for safety and God did help us with that too! There was some surf and heavier than usual current, so since the entire swim I was holding her right hand in my left, I was thankful for safety too.  So many things can go wrong in the water: mask filling with water, eels chasing you, a shark appearing out of nowhere.  Thankful was I that none of these except a bit of the first one happened. I don’t mind fighting off troubles on my own, but when I have a little girl in tow, I am a bit more skittish.


Double digit girl with mask and snorkel

Maybe her mask filled up with water more easily because she doesn’t have a big nose as I do.  In any case, she soldiered on and we stayed in for about an hour.  Her Mom and Dad got in briefly and declared the water warm.  Which is exactly the problem, this time of year: storms!

We had just fought off Hurricane Guillermo and hope Hurricane Hilda is gone too.  But I’m told when the water is warm, it encourages the wind storms to grow.

But the storm, which ended up mostly passing us to the northwest, did provide some nice clouds:


Clouds over the hill


Moon overhead

I have to admit that I am later getting in the water these days, because I have to get some sunrise shots.


Pink clouds, too:


Pink and moon..

There was even a frigate bird, high above:


It’s the dark dot in the photo.

IF you cannot see it, click on the photo and look for the black small bird with bent elbows.

We saw most of the usual suspects: humu, abedufduf, toby.


Cute little one!!

Of course, once I dropped the Double Digits girl off with her parents and scooted around on my own, I saw a fully out snowflake moray eel, swimming out in the open.  I’m not sure if this would have enthralled her or scared her, but in any case, that was the big deal of the swim.

There was no trunkfish for the hubster and the palm tree photos turned out kinda funky.  So we’ll end with thanks for a safe dive and more clouds, pix taken while awaiting my friends:


You just couldn’t make these cloud colors up!


The clouds and trees in the parking lot.  You can’t even tell there are bunches of cars below the shot, can you?

I’m grateful to have wonderful friends who offer to feed me and lend me their daughters from time to time.  Wish they lived here!



  1. Sounds like a great snorkel, maybe next time🐙😊

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