Posted by: octogirl7 | July 3, 2015

Too focused!

Normally, I’d start out with the sunrise and clouds, but today, I saw the frog fish again!  Still yellow, but with growing “holes” in his skin.  And at one point, I was filming instead of photographing and I was so into it, that I didn’t notice the peppered moray totally swimming around me! Until I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye.  Oops.  Good thing God protects me, eh?

Speaking of that I also visited the Christian bookstore to pick up some things for my friends and found a red tank t-shirt that say: My lifeguard walks on water.  It was just too good not to buy…


Oh, here’s the little darling now!

He is basically hanging onto the rock with both “arms”, head up and tail down. When I first saw it in Hanauma Bay, I didn’t realize it even had 4 legs.  Of course, balance is better with four.

I tried to get the above youtube video to load upon clicking on it, but for some reason it doesn’t do it.  So please copy and paste.  You’ll see both the frog fish and the eel…..or, just go to and ask for octopigirl7

So, now back to the start of the morning:



Clouds and moon this morning.



Oh yes

Immediately upon getting into the water, I found some trash: a blue kid’s croc! Just one!


Baby blue crock and the other trash

Yes, it filled my little yellow dive bag right up! A plastic fork, the Croc, two big pieces of glass that looked like a lens, the usual scrunchie, and a bandaid. (Yes, they come right off in the water….Get tegaderm if you want to keep your wound covered in the water….)

So when I showered off and got ready to go, I put the little blue baby shoe out on the sidewalk, in case someone came back for it.

Saw a cute little flounder:


It’s amazing how they blend in, isn’t it?

Hope you can see it.  It has a rather nice, if subdued, pattern…

I also had something that was quite perplexing…looked kinda like tentacles of a jelly fish, but it was pinkish and it had a kind of round thing on the top part near the surface of the water.  This thing kept retracting down into the water a few inches, as if it were trying to move itself.  None of the pix turned out well, but I’ll show you what I got:


I wouldn’t blame you if you think there’s nothing there.

But look for a longish strand of pink with a little circle at the top, just near the hole in the reef. Weird huh? I didn’t want to get too close, because it did seem kinda jellyfish-like. The water was also filled with some kind of small fish or eggs, so it felt funny to stay in that area.

There were also a couple of eels, and finally, an octopus! So thankful was I.


You might need to click on the photo.

The octopus is above and to the left of the 4 spot butterfly fish.  YES!!! Thankful for that sighting.

And I didn’t have to give any lectures to anyone.  But that’s mostly because the 3 divers who felt the need to WALK OUT to the channel were out of my shouting range!  All I ask is that they think about the bottom they are walking on! Gee, Marine Preserve, people!

And have a great 4th!


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