Posted by: octogirl7 | June 11, 2015

Paranoid Auntie

Well, ok, I’ll admit that since I’ve never had kids of my own, my first response to having kids around me is to tie them to a chair, put them in a corner and consider them safe!

Yes, I tend to go a little bit overboard in trying to keep them safe, since I figure if they cannot leave the house, they can’t get into any trouble.  And yes, there are a few holes in that thinking! But that’s what comes from watching too many crime dramas on TV.  (But don’t ask me to give up NCIS!!)

They could have seen crime shows, as I have, and have a picture of the child trying hard to get out of their imprisonment and falling over in the chair, trying to escape.  So you’d think that taking two children under 13 snorkeling at the same time WITH the threat of jelly fish would be stupid.
I tend to agree!

So if I told you that I did take 2 young’uns swimming today, you would be justified in wondering what the heck I was thinking.

And you’d be right.

But it was fun.  One had the usual novice problem with her mask.  The other one was so cute: she hummed along as she swam. So she was fairly easy to keep track of.

Of course, I had asked them to stay close to me, since I can recognize some of the dangers and deal with them better than they might be able to. Since we prayed for safety before getting in, as I always do, I knew we had help in the Big Guy Upstairs department.  But God gives us our brains and our wills, but He doesn’t say be stupid with those gifts!

So I kept a sharp eye on both of them as we toodled along, finally deciding it would be easier to watch them if I was in the middle and could reach out and touch one to make sure she was still with me.

Of course, when you are from another, far away country that doesn’t let you have a lot of beach time, you get pretty excited.  I was thankful that the older one had stopped her habit from the previous snorkel adventure: screaming! She would scream whenever she saw anything exciting.  Boy, that’ll wear on you, even if you’re not paranoid.

So once I ascertained that they swam well enough to go a bit deeper, I took them out to see if the octopus was home. Which it wasn’t. So, minor disappointment.  And we didn’t find the Frog Fish today, either.  We had good fun though, with humu, and moorish idols and plenty of convict tangs.

Eventually, they tired a bit, so I swam them back to their parents, resting on the beach.  And BOY! Do I get that, now! Having two young girls is a lot of work.  Even the well behaved ones just have a lot of energy that I find lacking somewhat in myself. So I was glad to hand them off to the parents, and go snooping on my own.

And was rewarded by the octopus now being home:


Octopus one and only

The octopus was doing a pretty good job of hiding; unless you knew where to look you wouldn’t see it at all, being so deeply buried in its den. But if you look closely, you can see the white tube of the siphon. There was also some sand in the water (we had started later than I normally would), so people had been swimming around in the area.


Oh and how many humu do you see?

I almost called this 3 humu.  But there’s another.  Go to it, Eagle Eye! 🙂

And while I was awaiting the arrival of my pals, I got some good sunrise and cloud pix.  I’m telling you, God sure puts on a show to wake us up.


Oh yes, quite lovely!

Clouds near the earth and then far above.   There was also a bit of the moon:


Upper right corner.

I was able to snap a few of the wonderful rainbow, too:


A human just couldn’t paint this thing and catch all the nuances…

I did find myself wishing that all the signs and houses were not there.  I would have been such a pretty and natural scene.  But I’m not complaining!  I was pretty wowed as is.


A pair of Moorish Idols

And I cannot believe I finally caught one face on…see that green triangle on its forehead?! That was the color I kept seeing but until today wasn’t able to capture. I think of it as just another reason not to believe in evolution: why on earth would a green forehead help it live or find a mate?  I think God has some very cool painters, who said: Oh on this fish, instead of all yellow and white and black, let’s give ’em a green forehead. Just to be even prettier!

I found, but didn’t collect, a broken Drupe shell:


I love that pretty purple inside this shell.

And until I talked with my husband for the snorkel report, I had totally forgotten about the possibility of jelly fish! The calendar had told me that there was a good likelihood of having them, and I am so happy we didn’t have to abort the dive to take care of ourselves.  YES!!!


And this was a quick one as I was walking back to the car.

So thanks, God, for taking care of us and my little nieces!  Very thankful!


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