Posted by: octogirl7 | May 30, 2015

Macro fleur with toes


Oh glad i had a pedicure.

The macro lens will let you have one or the other: toes or fleurs! Obviously, the fleur was more important.

The quick report: 1 octopus. The bigeye trevally were still circling. There were palm trees and box fish. And no frog fish.  At least, none that I could find.  And there were sunrises and idiots.  I’d let you match them up with the photos, but it’s really too easy for you.

So let’s get the idiots done with first:


This is what you DON’T do at Hanauma Bay.  They are walking on the reef.  I was already on the beach, so I walked over to the lifeguard shack: no one home.  So I walked over to the Education Center (and I use that term very loosely) to ask them if they had a Ranger down on the beach who could tell these idiots not to do what they were doing.

Of course, they looked at each other as if that was above their pay grade. I hate to be ugly, but I hate even more for the BAY to be ugly! Which it will be when people insist on not paying attention to what not to do. I mean, this was almost 9 a.m….they HAD seen the safety movie!

Speaking of what not to do, also please when you visit do not leave trash in the water.  Today the trash I hauled in consisted of 5 scrunchies, a snorkel keeper and a plastic bag.  Yeah, the whole thing.  And I’m not right to blame the people on the beach for all of this. I know that trash comes off boats that are cruising by, filled with people who might be having their first time on the water and not realize that wind will blow their plastic bags off into the water. Thankfully, I think it’s in August when Oahu joins the rest of the Hawaiian Islands in forbidding plastic bags.  We’ll see what a difference that makes!

Sunrise once again didn’t disappoint.


Oh no I do not have to advertise…

I am so over the Olympus people trying to tell me I have to leave in the “Olympus Digital Camera” info on the bottom caption of each photo.  NOT!  Oh and by the way, that’s what it said just under the photo above.  Before I deleted it. So there.  Gee, I’m sounding ugly again.  And after such a nice sunrise!

And for my pals Darrene and Rod on Kauai, here’s my cat:


She is always behind the other cats.  Years ago, I used to occasionally bring a bit of meat for her.

Then one day, I saw that another cat muscled in on her food and she let it do that.  Nay, Nay, mon ami. So now I don’t feed them anymore.  She still looks at me when I walk by, as I’m explaining that I’m not supposed to feed her. She has a very nice disposition.


Here you go, sweetie bumps.  These are for you.

I have a parrot fish that I have named.  Yes, you are correctly wondering how I can tell it’s the same fish…Here’s how:



Yes, it’s the fin on his back…or rather, the lack thereof. I don’t know how he lost it, but I do know that he needs a toothbrush.  Apparently parrot fish get that fungus around their mouths.  I don’t know if the Hawaiian Cleaner wrasses can handle moustaches, but they should!

And there was a complete mystery animal.


Oh I wish I knew what this was!

So see the trail in the sand?  I know that shells sometimes leave such a thing as they make their way across the bottom.  But this thing that was doing it is a total mystery to me!  It looks just like sand, and in fact, might be covered in it as a disguise.  It was hard to tell, because it moved very slowly, but it was edging its way across the bottom. I can only assume it’s some kind of shell, but because of the covering of sand and whatever, I have no clue what it was. I dove down and took closeup pix, but that didn’t help either.

Here’s my regular octopus. Still shy:


Octopus one and only…peeking just barely above the pale red rock on the left.

As has been my recent practice, I took some quick pix and left it alone.

So since it was once again a nice day and quite calm water, I ventured outside.  Glad I did it early, too: getting back in was not easy!  The water was outbound, so I was thrashing to go in against all that volume going against me. (And a word to the wise: if you can’t swim well, don’t go outside the reef.  And if you do, a dolphin kick (both legs together) gives a stronger motion to come back in.)

I discovered something about my macro lens: you can do one subject or the other, but not two!


Urchin OR


Coral, but definitely not both.

It would have made a nice contrasting photo, and I guess it still does, but not in the way I envisioned it.

I call this the purple fleur coral


I really should look up the name of this one….but very pretty purple flowers on it, if you enlarge the picture.

Pencil Urchin outside:


Nice pencils…

Pinktail durgon:


Oh lovely

Today’s abedufduf with trumpet fish


Same basic colors, but such different fish.

Saw the white cheeked tang again:  I don’t care who you are, that’s a lovely bit of coloration!


Of course, it didn’t stay still for me…you can see it with the yellow lines and white tail.


I’m not sure why the Barred File Fish had his spike up, but the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse didn’t seem too perturbed.  The cleaner is the much smaller fish, with purple and yellow colors.


almost looks like Dad and Daughter, doesn’t it? two completely different species, however.


I happened to catch the saddleback butterfly at just the right time…

And the bigeye were circling again.  Gosh, I wish I knew what they get out of this behavior!


Wow it is hard to see them.  The black durgons and a pinktail also were following them around in the circle.

Wow, over a thousand words.  I’m blabby when I’m protecting the Bay!  You may not see a post tomorrow…they are having that race and unless hubby and I go in the afternoon, I might have to wait until Monday.  It’s been a good week, with a swim most every day, except Tuesday.  Only the President gets to go then…

Have a wonderful weekend.  Praise God for his bounty.


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