Posted by: octogirl7 | May 27, 2015

Sunrise, Octopus, Frog Fish, Scribbled File Fish, huge Cone Shell….oh the joy!

Not bad for an hour and a half on a Wednesday.  And it takes 319 photos to winnow down into probably 6 that will make it into this post!

I didn’t see the octopus right away, but was able  to spot it after about a half hour.  Once I see one, I totally relax…OK: goal #1 down. It’s not a great photo because this octopus likes to stay inside its den, but you can see the white siphon:


Octopus 1 and only…the white circular part is the siphon, thru which it breathes.

And I mustn’t diss the lovely sunrise:


Oh what a lovely start to the day

The yellow frog fish was at home again today.  That little guy stays so still and is so small, he’s a real trial to film.  He’s probably only 3 inches long, stem to stern, and he doesn’t move an inch. So I swim down, snap the photo, and come back up to blow out the breath I was holding.  Underwater nature photography is not for the faint of heart!


Yellow frog fish

What you are seeing is the tail at the top, then the dorsal fin, then the two feet and the head is looking into the rock.  Probably trying to pretend I’m not there.  One of the other regular swimmers had apparently heard about the frog fish, and as I was starting to go outside the reef, she stopped to ask where I’d seen it!  Of all times to have a chat, that wasn’t it.  I ended up bashing a bit on a big rock.  I’m sure the lifeguard wondered what I was thinking.  As did I.

So here’s why it was good to go outside my usual stomping grounds:


Hanauma Bay before everyone else got there….

See that?  Hardly any waves.  So that’s when I thought it might be fun to go outside….which it was, but the water wasn’t as clear as I expected.  I can never tell what the clarity will be like.

But one of my questions was answered:  are those bigeye trevally still circling?  They were!


Big eye trevally and black durgon

This helped me realize why schooling is such a good defense: I kept thinking to concentrate on ONE fish and take the photo.  But by the time you focus on one, it has moved on.  So it’s very hard to zero in on one fish to catch. If I were doing that, which I’m not, of course.

But these guys have been doing this for a long time.  I don’t know if they stay all day, since I’m usually only in the area for a half hour at the most, but it is fascinating.  I’m not sure what they are circling for: they don’t seem to try to catch anything.

There was nice light on this urchin:


Boring urchin…they make the holes in the coral on the reef

I did see a scribbled filefish, but it’s not a great photo..the guy moved away when he saw me…


Scribbled or Scrawled Filefish

Look in the middle of the photo…They are the biggest file fish that I see in Hanauma Bay….It’s such an interesting fish family, because they go from smallish to lots bigger.  This one was on its own and definitely swam away once it noticed me.  The light from behind makes ’em really hard to see, which is probably the point….protect, evade, hide!

You can see by looking at this barred filefish how much difference it makes to be in the deeper part of the pond:


Barred File Fish.

This fish is the one with the sock monkey eyes.It also has very tough teeth.  I debated putting in the photo where another one was getting rid of his previous day’s dinner…I decided not to put the photo in, but it did explain the green stuff I saw on the reef the other day…

Today, I also saw the largest Cone Shell I’ve ever seen.  It was longer than my hand:


One for Eagle Eye

You can see it leaning almost against the brown & white coral….It doesn’t look super huge, but remember I’m looking down from the surface, so about 8 feet above.  Compare it to the convict tang, which is probably 5 inches long…Yeah, a really big one!  This is the largest cone I’ve ever seen.  It was REALLY hard not to roll it over. I wanted to know what type of cone it was, but that will remain a mystery for today.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll see if it’s still there…

Pink coral:




Of course there are 2 birds! and sunrise.

Every day is a different sunrise.  So amazing!

Even from one minute to the next:


Pink, then yellow, then bright white and i leave to go get wet.

And for the hubby:


Oh, he’s a big palm tree fan…I must say, I enjoy them too.

And for Perry, the shot from the water.  Keep in mind, I am swimming at this point, so there’s a bob up to see what’s in front of me, then another bob to take the shot.


The clouds were just too cool not to take a photo of.  You can see the tide was going out, too, as more of the rocks are showing.



If you click on it, you can see the little fingers of coral that are reaching out from the stony part…

Praise God for the wonderful sightings.  Lovely, beautiful, amazing creations!


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