Posted by: octogirl7 | May 21, 2015

The dry spell is over! OR, thank God it’s Thursday!

I took 2 hours of vacation today in the hopes of spotting the first octopus in what seems to me to be a long dry spell, but is really only 3 dive days. And, eureka!  I saw an octopus today.  Yesssss!


Not my best octopus photo, but just wanted to show the proof of the one octopus I saw.

When I got out of my car at the park, I heard the ranger say: What day is it?!?!  He knows I am rarely there on a weekday, seeing as some people have real jobs!  I am totally joking, too: the ranger job is not easy and I wouldn’t do it for a lot of money, which is NOT what he gets paid.  He’s good at his job, too, and funny, and sarcastic, and well, just up my alley!  Fortunately, I am happily wed to a man who is wonderful and “gets” me when I bemoan the lack of octopuses.  But today, hubby was all good vibes for me, when I called him with the snorkel report.

And for him, I caught a photo of the trunk fish:


Spotted female trunk fish.

Until today, and perhaps under the influence of my macro lens, i noted that the spots on this little lady are not just spots: they actually have different patterns.  Kinda cool.

In my never ending quest for octopuses, I was helped out by the higher tide.  When it is low tide, I cannot get to half of the Bay, which cuts my chances in half. Today, the octopus I found was in one of the “regular” places, so not really sure where it had been hiding during my recent past dives.  Just happy it appeared today.  I pointedly didn’t take too many photos, thinking maybe my past somewhat intrusive behavior had made it hide better, in the hopes of not seeing my big white face and mask in front of its den.  Whyever it was there, I was happy and thankful to see it.  Doubly so, because I need to work tomorrow and Saturday, so Sunday will probably be my next chance to once again brave the Bay to check for the 8 legged beauties.

This is what I saw as I wandered down to swim this morning:


Lovely, isn’t it?

This is before all the other people showed up.  It always looks so calm and peaceful before the hordes arrive.

The fish ran a bit at one point once I got in, so I cranked my neck around to see what it was they were running from:


Giant trevally

I had a better photo of the Giant Trevally, but this one showed some bubbles, which made me wonder if they fart as humans can.  I tell you, on the high of seeing an octopus, no telling where my mind will go…..

And here’s some purple coral with a couple of boring urchins.  Boring as in drilling holes, not as in too boring to listen to:


Purple coral and boring urchins

I use this purple coral for identifying an area where the octopus sometimes have their dens.

OK, now an eagle eye challenge:


Eagle Eye challenge

I will admit it’s a tough one!  The animal hiding has legs and a shell.  Those are the only clues you’re getting!

And because I once again noted the ever present Saddle Wrasse and I rarely include them in my blog, here’s the cute one that swam fast around me today:


Saddle Wrasse

Silly isn’t it?  How one fish will really catch my eye & another won’t.  After all, it does have some blue, which is normally what draws my attention.

Clumpy nudibranch:



These things always fascinate me.  Maybe because they are slow moving and easier to photograph.  I saw for the first time today the little frilly bottom part that helps them move.

And another slow mover follows.  In fact, it didn’t move at all, even though I dove down to film it:


Yellow frogfish, looking down.

This one is doing acrobatics, so its head is pointed down.  You can just see part of its right eye, if you look at the bottom left of the yellow part. Tail is up in the air.  Quite exciting to see it again.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same one I have spotted a few times before, since it’s the same size, color and in the same area.  Since they are ambush predators, I think it probably stays around the same basic area.

And last but not least, another boring urchin:


Boring Urchin

This one had some nice light on it and the water had blown sand up behind it.  And just to further prove how important light is, didja see the one below and to the left of this one?  Betcha didn’t!  Same basic type, just hidden under some coral/rock.


The gardening glove

Same purple coral as earlier, just wanted to prove I really do wear a gardening glove on the left hand.  None on the right, because no matter the kind, a glove on my photo trigger finger gets in the way.

Thanks for reading.  And thanks to God for providing me even a quick glimpse of my fave animal!



  1. Yay! Box fish!

  2. Eagle Eye Challenge: I see it…but I have no idea what it is?

    • It is the arm of a very small crab….I was never able to get close enough to photograph the entire crab. They are FAST!!

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