Posted by: octogirl7 | May 3, 2015

Two octopuses and a flounder

You gotta know I’m over the moon about seeing two octopuses.  Seems like forever that I’ve seen just one each day…

Here’s octopus #1, which I am now calling a regular…seen it two days in a row.


Hiding pretty well, but I knew where to look.  Again, the octopus has half light brown and half dark brown.  Interesting. I am glad this one didn’t turn angry maroon…

And the early morning clouds were pretty…sunrise earlier, so not quite as colorful, but pretty nonetheless

A little breezy, but that didn’t seem to impact the water clarity too much.

Here’s the 4-spot butterfly and coral:


Nice little fish.  (The other 2 spots are on the other side, just in case you were wondering.)

And to get the blood going in the morning, the peppered moray made an appearance, but stayed in his rocky den:

This is actually a cropped photo.  I wanted to show the cool pattern on its eyes.  I’m glad this eel didn’t chase me.

And a flounder for my hubby:


Maybe I should have called this post The Eyes Have It, because at least two of the animals were showing theirs.  I like the flounder because their eyes migrate to the top of their head, but also they can swivel independently. Gives them a chance to see predators.

Threadfin butterfly fish:


Very pretty.  I waited until there was more sun on them.  Usually, when I wait, one goes one way and the other the other and the photo is lost!  But this one worked out ok.  Perhaps because they were breakfasting…

I am trying very hard not to be ugly right now: the oldster who likes to move along with his stick on the coral was doing it again today.  HATE THAT!!!  Everyone lets him get away with it because they think they are being nice to the old man.  I think it would be better to be nice to the protected marine environment, but maybe that’s just me!

And here’s octopus 2. . . I gotta say the water was very shallow when I spotted this one.  I was benefited by the trevally circling.  I could barely get close enough to get the shot:


He was probably wondering what the heck I thought I was doing! But I slogged away right after this shot, so he wasn’t too irritated.  Sometimes I have the added bonus of scaring away the trevally, but with the water this shallow, I didn’t stick around to find out.

And for the shell photo of the day, I call this one the Cone and the Pooping Cucumber:


The cone, as you can see, is covered with whatever it is that sticks on them in this pond…the cuke is the black thing and the poo, well, you probably can guess the poo.

I have heard, not to belabor the poo point, that octopuses get rid of their waste through the same place they gather their food….I haven’t thought it through (and certainly haven’t yet researched it), but I do wonder how all that works out.  I’m just glad they didn’t blow any water at me today.  And that I saw two of the little darlings.  Bless their hearts…

And before I close:  I have been living in this area for quite a few years and it was only today at 5:30 a.m. when I stopped at Longs that I noticed this: the Perry Building!


Maybe my pal in California owns the building and just never told us! HA.

And have a great week.


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