Posted by: octogirl7 | May 2, 2015

One octopus, no jellies…not complaining!

I was thankful to hear this morning upon arriving at Hanauma Bay that we were NOT expecting jelly fish.  Perhaps I had read the calendar wrong, but very glad to hear that I probably wouldn’t have to be on the lookout for them.  And indeed, I saw NONE. Yay!

And I did see one octopus.  I made the mistake of telling God that I would be happy with one.  I was, of course, but would also have been happy with more. I’ll have to be very careful what I pass along to Him in the future.

Nice dive though.Since we’re allowed in at 6 and sunrise was prior to that, I didn’t get much pink, but what I did see what nice:


There was a little gecko on the wall of the restroom cubicle too.  He was sporting a very nice pattern:


People here do tend to be cranky about the geckoes, especially when they’re in the house, because they leave droppings on everything. I’m glad they are there, because they also eat the bugs. However, I don’t want ’em to drop on my head. There would be screaming, I’m thinkin’.

The one octopus was in an old den.  I wonder if s/he’s been there all along, just usually out hunting when I was snooping..


I did wonder why part of the octopus was brown and the other part on the right in the hole was lighter beige.  Normally when one sees me, they turn eventually into maroon.  This one was pretty laid back.

Later, when I came back, he looked like this:


Not particularly caring that I was there, but not welcoming me, either. I just want to be friends!

OK, Eagle Eye, here’s your test for today:


Hint: it’s a fish.  It’s small.  There’s turquoise on it.

It is a 3 spot damsel fish. They hang out near coral heads.  In this case, it wasn’t a pretty coral head, but it did have its little champion.

A very pretty wrasse came by:


Very nice colors and lines…

And a pair of lined butterfly


I have heard it said that they are as big as dinner plates.  And indeed, they are the largest butterfly fishes I see pretty regularly.  Love the colors and stripes.

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I was caught up in the low tide.  I got stubborn, always a bad thing!, and swam too far down on the right.  So I had to stroll out to the beach.  I’m being kind to myself in describing that, too, because it was more of a tentative step, then a sharp rock, and a tentative step back!  Novice move.  Sorry, Hanauma Bay! But I did see a trunk fish, even though I was standing.  The water was clear!


The gargantuan on the left is my shadow; the trunk fish looks almost as if it were trying to eat my shadow. HA.  It swam successfully away soon after.  The shallow water wasn’t a trial for the fishes.

And on the walk up


I never get tired of that marvelous view!


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