Posted by: octogirl7 | April 26, 2015

Just in time!

Wow!  It might not surprise you, but it sure surprised me not to see any octopuses for the first 2 hours and 8 minutes of my swim.  It is those last 2 minutes before I absolutely had to get out of the water, if I wanted to be on time for church….without breaking any speed limits.


It surprised me what all went on in my mind during the lack:  have I lost my touch?  or rather, my squid eye? Will I really have to report on my post that I was skunked?  Just so you know, I REALLY hate having to report that.  Because logic tells you that all the octopuses couldn’t have vanished overnight, so it must be ME.  (Pretty egocentric, I’ll admit.  After all, all it takes is a few monk seals and eels to decimate an area.  I mean, the octopuses are good at hiding, but sometimes they do appear, which means they could be eaten.)

But just as I was resigning myself to having failed in my octosnooping, there was one of my regulars, near shore. I mean, those lifeguards could totally have walked into the water and seen it.


Here it is, the little darling!  I had to laugh and thank God for this present.  Maybe I wasn’t being appreciative enough.  I certainly never take them for granted!  However, I did notice the other day that the numbers I spot these days are WAY reduced from a year ago. I am not a scientist or marine biologist, so I’m not going to attribute that to anything, but I would love to know what gives.  I won’t need my octo-numbering system if this keeps up! I mean, I could easily record one octopus sighting simply by filming my one finger raised.  It’s been a long time since I needed double digits.

So not to be totally octo-centric, here are some great clouds from today’s swim


This was taken from the beach; I hadn’t even entered the water yet.  It is easier to get to church on-time nowadays, as the sun rises earlier, so I can get in earlier.  Unfortunately, low-ish tide made it difficult to see some of my regular spots, but once I did navigate there, none of the first few regulars was home. I thought again of the octo-conference they might be attending. Breakout sessions could include: How not to get eaten.  How to avoid inquisitive divers.  Monk Seals: fact or fiction? Changing color to sand to hide even better….

And some of God’s Glory:


And as you know, since I’m not able to take any shells, even if they are broken hulks, here is the inside of a cowrie shell:


The inside is a very pretty light purple.  It is intriguing to me why that beauty is hidden inside the shell!  What you see on the outside are pretty spots on a brown background, but really, why bother making the inside gorgeous?  I guess the cowry animal itself can appreciate it.  Which makes me wonder if they have eyes that can see inside.  Ah, the many things I don’t know!!!

A couple of biggish trevally swam by me:  the other thing I don’t know is why one is blue:


and the other, a darker version:


If you know, please comment to let me know.  That’ll save me having to research.  (If only they could talk..)

And no, I haven’t lost my interest in coral.  Of course, I would rather have seen an octopus, but one must fill the swim with the available animal life!


Are you tired of hearing about how great the macro function of my TG-3 is?!  I do wonder why one part of this coral is pink.  The first thing that came to mind is a blemish.  Not so sure that’s even possible.  I know there’s a reason, just don’t know what it is!


Normal view, above.

Macro view, same basic area:


You can see the little animals showing their fronds to the water.  If it weren’t for the greater likelihood of eels and sharks, I would swim here at night to see what they do in the dark.  Of course, I’d have to break the law, as no one is allowed in the preserve at night.  At least, not that I know about!

A fairly rare sight: nudibranch eggs:


They attach them to rocks or sand.  Odd, isn’t it?  pretty, though.  They kinda flutter in the current.

I caught a few shots of the rock mover wrasse, all the while thinking: nice fish, but it isn’t an octopus!  I tell ya, sometimes I can be obsessive.  I have found, however, that after seeing one, I do calm down.  Even if I see one in the first few minutes of the swim, I let go of the need a bit.  Not saying that I don’t want to see more…just not as totally necessary to see more…

There was another gift, but he swam onto the rocks and I didn’t get a good photo.  But I’ll show ya what I caught:


Scribbled or scrawled filefish.  SUCH a cool fish: long tail, lovely blue dots and lines on its skin.  Sometimes they are curious and come look at me, but this one had apparently seen enough.


Can you see the light blue lines on their faces and bodies?  Very cool and hard to see unless you are close up.

And here’s one from the one and only octopus…this is the first thing I saw.


Nothing but his little tako eye buggin out.  I’ll take it any day!

And a late addition:  Normally I don’t still have my picked up trash by the time I get home, but today I was in a hurry, so I took a photo then threw it away.  I say again: please do not wear scrunchies and hair clips in the water!

IMG_1518 trash

Broken glass, scrunchies, those grey things I STILL don’t know what those are, and two bandaids.  No rings today, but remember not to wear yours in the water…the cold water shrinks your fingers. At your service!


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