Posted by: octogirl7 | April 25, 2015

In the early morning rain

OK, for all you newbies out there, if you don’t know Gordon Lightfoot’s music, go to youtube and search for In the Early Morning Rain.  It’s amazing how differently I remember songs. What I remember is usually more mellow than the reality.  A;so listen to The Last Time I Saw Her Face.

He’s one of those artists that I once tried to emulate with my singing and guitar.  Long ago!  The music is very unlike the music today. Kinda folksy.  Kinda sad.  But always worth a listen.

OK, listen!  Enough of the past.  Today is what I’m here for…

And we will find out if I can still think with Bill Perry playing in the background.  I’m such a music nut that when there’s music playing more than half my brain has to pay attention!

Only one octopus today. S/he blew water at me eventually and turned that angry red.  Sorry, tako!


I remember when I would see 13 or 15 octopuses in one swim.  But that was last year.  This year, five is a big number.  Not sure if someone is hunting at night or if the general population of humans is causing them to skedaddle.

The third fish I saw was a barracuda.  He was taking advantage of the low light….the rain and clouds were making far sight difficult.


Still beautiful, but didn’t ever actually see the sun.  Light rain as I was going down the hill, which does deter some visitors who don’t think it through: what diff does it make if it’s raining when you’re in the water anyway?  Maybe they are not coming to swim, but to sun bathe.  Who knows?

I should some day take a video of my trek back up the hill.  People are HILARIOUS!  What they wear, what they talk about.  I think that since so many folks have cell phones these days, they become careless of what they say when others can hear.

Four eels: a snowflake, one that I still haven’t i.d.’d and a big green headed eel.  He was a surprise.


Hopefully, you’d swim away too.  Of course, I did have to pause for some pix.  Probably not the most life affirming choice!

And a couple of cone shells:


Big difference, non?  They were both occupied, I think.  Cannot collect them anyway.  But I found the difference between them quite interesting.  The pretty one is a Hebrew Cone.  With all the gunk on the other one, not sure the type of cone.  In any case, I think I’ve mentioned before that you shouldn’t ever pick one up….certainly not from the pointed end, as they have a barb with venom.  Not good!

Rock Mover Wrasse:


Clouds, clouds, always these clouds!!


Have a wonderful Saturday…out to buy something for Eagle Eye on Monday.  It’s her birthday month. Yeah, she gets the whole month.  She’s just a wonderful girl!


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