Posted by: octogirl7 | March 7, 2015

God is good to me!

We visited the Waikiki Aquarium and were rewarded with seeing their resident octopus! At first, it was kinda shy.  But then it decided to dance all around. We saw plenty of suckers and legs akimbo.  Exciting! (Well, it would have been more exciting had it been in the wild, but these days, I’m taking what I can get.)


Here he is before he took of on his singing and dancing extravaganza!  OK, well he could dance, maybe not so much the singing part.  No ears, so hard to stay on pitch, I’m thinking.

If you want to see the films, go to youtube and search for octopigirl7 they’ll be up in a bit.

My beloved bought me some octo-gifts, too.


Included are a ceramic orange octopus, an octopus postcard, an octopus Christmas ornament and a new thing: Safari Ltd sea minis!  These are little tiny sea creatures…very cute.

I got to use my macro lens again:


Very cute, right? It’s a soft rubbery feeling, not totally unlike the real deal.

We had hoped to see some whales, but missed any going by.  We were distracted by the chickens:


We plan to pick up a chicken souvenir when we go to Kauai later this month….and send it to one of our favorite restaurants, Fous de l’Ile in Paris!  They have rockin’ food and a chicken theme.  Must have chicken from Hawaii. We’ll probably send them the photo too….Won’t they be surprised.

The octopus danced around the tank until I decided I might be staying too long.  I got several films, which I will upload in a bit.  Three are already on the youtube site…

God was really good to me!  Distracted me from my inability to swim this weekend.  That’s a good thing.


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