Posted by: octogirl7 | March 1, 2015

When you see it all together, it’s kinda ridiculous!


See? When the little octopuses are together, they look kinda ridiculous!  Well, just because there are so many. Keep in mind that I didn’t buy them all myself.  Some were given to me.  Some we found in Paris.

I would try to decide on a favorite, but it’s just too difficult! How can you pick a bell over a plush octopus?  A very handy paperweight over a cool magnetic boggly-legged octopus?

I have had many of these for years, and it still amazes me how such an incredible animal can be shown in so many different ways.

Here’s the pencil octopus my friend Tram and her new hubby Charles gave to me:


It’s blue and is resting on the pink plus octopus and the Italian octopus.  And just to the left is the turquoise ice cube octo-set!  I smile just thinking about the creativity of people.


Here is a little group of the petite octopuses…glass, plastic, and wooden.  They often get short shrift because they are small. But adorable too.  What is intriguing to me is that folks usually give them round, human eyes.  Not at all as their eyes really are.  But I guess we want them to be like us!


This orange one is very special to me: my husband and our friend, Pete, found it and picked it up for me.  It is a little jewelry box!  The octo-head comes up and you can store small jewelry pieces in it.  Imaginative, non?

and of course, we couldn’t finish the story without the OctoWallet! Well, apparently the wordpress software has decided this post is finished!  I’ll try to send some more to you later.

Day 2, no swimming is going pretty well.  Better than I would have expected!


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