Posted by: octogirl7 | February 21, 2015

I don’t know…..

I don’t know….

Now that I think of it, my post title should always be I DON’T KNOW…..

I don’t know why Hawaiian octopuses only live 2 years.

I don’t know why God made scorpion fish so ugly.

I don’t know why some fish immediately freak out when they see me, and others swim by me without batting an eye.

I don’t know why some sunrises are pink and others, just the next day!, aren’t.

The list goes on and on.

This occurred to me as I saw octopus #2.  Which appeared totally non-responsive to my presence.  Odd in itself.  But also, when I took pix, it didn’t seem to be breathing. You can imagine what that did to my brain!  I thought, oh man, is this going to be the first octopus I’ve ever seen die?!

Granted I have seen them after they died.  On market shelves in France.  In Foodland Beretania, in tako poke. Even washed up on shore years ago on Kauai.  (Never did figure out what happened…there were several and it was quite sad and quite without an obvious reason.)

Here is the octopus:


The brown blob below the sand is the octopus.  If the photo is enlarged, you can see its eye, just above the rock, in the middle.  The really odd thing was that it didn’t move at all, as far as I could see. Very odd.  And while I didn’t catch a good photo of the siphon, it didn’t appear to be moving, as in breathing….I thought perhaps I had just freaked it out and it was stunned. So I swam away.  And in the possible Good News category, when I came back about 25 minutes later, the den was empty.  Perhaps she woke up and escaped!! I surely hope so. But I DON’T KNOW.

And sunrise


Lovely.  Fabulous.  Magnifique!

But the big hit of the day, other than 3 octopuses, was the scorpion fish.  Yeah, baby!

This one made me say a bad word, as I almost swam up on it! It was quite well disguised and I only noticed it because it moved…


See what I mean about ugly scorpion fish?!  If you don’t see it, look for a slightly gaping mouth just left of the center of the shot.  Yes, I agree, a great disguise!

Here’s a bit more, with the colors of his side fins showing:


He was trying to swim away.  (And I DON’T KNOW if he’s a he…)


Find the bright fish, first.  Then behind his eyes, go up in the shot. You’ll see fins that have lines.  That is the scorpion fish, standing up on his fins.  Amazing coloration, non?  And perfect for H Bay, as the bottom is exactly that color.  And texture, too, for that matter.

And I close with pretty instead of ugly:




They are all a part of God’s kingdom…pretty and ugly, little and big…

Stay firmly planted!



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