Posted by: octogirl7 | February 14, 2015

Darn those jellies!

Of course, when I offer to take a friend swimming, we have to have jellies!

It happened last time, too.  Dude from the Big Island came over, we prayed and started to step in and there it was, right beyond my toes.

This time, the beach was already closed.  Three ambulances were called yesterday and the wind is still up, so the odds were not good for good swimming anyway.

So my pal knew a cool place (Spinning Caves) where we could walk down and see the ocean and possibly whales.

And the moon:


That’s the moon, peeking through a bit.

We did see waves, but no whales.  They have too much sense to be out in such seas!


Definitely NOT snorkeling weather!

My friend spotted a group of tropic birds, another harbinger of storms.  There were 8 of them flying up and around.

We had the option to go back and check with the lifeguards about today’s water, but opted to swoop home.

And once there, my hubby had the great idea to go to Sweet E’s for breakfast! No octopus, but great food.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


Just moon and clouds…


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