Posted by: octogirl7 | February 8, 2015

Sept Pieuvres!

Sept pieuvres!

OK, they weren’t French octopuses, but I felt like telling you in French that I found seven octopuses today. Fantastique! Magnifique!  Zut alors!!!

I’m afraid that last one might be a bad couple of words, since I didn’t find them in my dictionnaire, but I knew them from someplace…perhaps better not to focus too much on those….

So as I’m eating my lunch time, leftover chili (very good, by the way, by Stagg), I am thinking back over today’s swim: wonderful water.  Multiple octopuses, some of which were “new.” And moving furniture by one of my regulars, who had hidden somewhere else when I first peeked in her den.  I thought maybe she had stayed over at the octo-conference, but if she did, she showed up to be #7 of my octopus parade.  And since I had to zoom to church, thus cutting my octosnooping time by about 20 minutes, I was beyond thrilled to see so many.

Good news, bad news: the new ones were really good hiders, so not so much the great photos. One of them was out near the right side reef, so the waves were moving me around and putting sand in the water between me and the octopus. S/he pushed sand out of the den, too, so that also deterred my photographic efforts.


Here she is, having just moved some rocks.  You can see the sand and other material in the water, making a funky photo.  However, it does help hide her, so it’s all good.  She also had a bluefin trevally circling her, so she was probably thankful for my presence.  I am bigger than they are, and often they will move along if I show up.  I’m competing for the prize which I wouldn’t eat!

I was able to get some moon and sunrise pix today.


Moon behind cloud.  There are also some white dots of stars in the original, but I guess too small to show up on this photo.


I love it when the sun shows on the water, too.  And the clouds.  Well, it’s just a blessed time! Everything combines for starting the new day.


Trees, clouds, moon.


I ran across 4 of these little humu, as they prepared to dive into the holes nearby to escape my burdensome presence. As if I would ever hurt one of them!  And certainly not while in Hanauma Bay. If anything, I should be afraid of them, as one of the bigger ones once took a small chunk out of my leg when he thought I had gone too far into his territory….


This is a nice little filefish, the type of which I remain unsure….Pretty little dot on its tail and yellow side fins.  Quick, too.  This one, like the fantail filefish, runs when it sees me.


I don’t know if you can see the barracuda.  Look for the light ray on the left.  Follow that up and see the 3 black dots.  That’s the middle portion of the fish.  Good camouflage, right?!  They can absolutely disappear into the light sometimes, with their silver coloration.  And this was in probably only 2 feet of water, too.  I was surprised it was cruising so close to shore.

OK, back to more friendly animals:


Here’s the octopus sitting calmly in its den, wondering if it would have to fight me off or the trevally circling. Gee, what a worrisome life…and on top of that, they only get to live 1 to 2 years.

This is how they hide: note that none of the octopus is currently above ground.  If you don’t know where to look, you wouldn’t see it.  And I think they have underground alleys, too, so maybe they are there even when I cannot see them.  If they see me coming before I see them, they definitely hide, sinking down into their dens.


This was one of the good hiders: covered in sand, with nothin’ but his little ole eye buggin’ out! And a sea cucumber nearby..


This one’s for my hubby, who loves the palm trees….


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