Posted by: octogirl7 | January 30, 2015

stabbed by chocolate!

Well, you wouldn’t expect chocolate to be a weapon, but I was so excited about my snorkeling day, that when I finished breakfast at 10:30 (after the swim), I got some chocolate and as I was putting it in my eager mouth, I stabbed myself with the pointed end.  Rookie move, to be sure.

But what a wonderful snorkel today! It was totally worth it.

First of all, the water was like glass…..flat as a piece of paper, except for the occasional wave.


Just a few low slung clouds and the sun trying to make its appearance.


You can see the water is pretty calm.  You can also see the reef creeping up…or rather, the water going down toward low tide.  But the good news is that since it was so calm, I decided that I might be able to go outside the reef into the deeper water.  It was a good call!

A total of 3 octopuses, two of which were fully out and one swam along.  Well, swam away to be more accurate. That’s the trouble with their short life span: just when I get them trained not to be afraid of me, they die! 😦

At the risk of showing my bad camera skills (I can only say it’s tough to catch a good shot when the octopus is swimming quickly away…)


This one turned out to be a regular, because it went to one of the places I routinely check, once it stopped flying around.


It was probably so tired after all that swimming, it didn’t even bother to change to the dark color when it saw me.

Until later:


I also saw a cool smallish gurnard today.  I was tempted to show it to one of the other snorkelers, but he was having trouble with his mask, so I figured he would probably need to stop and step, which would scare the animal.


You can see a little of the blue on the edges of its “wings” at the top of the shot.  Very cool animal.  I will, later today, upload the movie.  They scratch along, looking for prey in the sand…


The trumpet fish in the middle of this shot surprised me.  They are always so stealthy and I don’t often seem them.

After I went outside, most of which I’ll post later, I saw this trevally stalking an eel. See if you can catch a glimpse of the eel; because the water is deeper outside the reef, it’s harder to zoom down.  And I wouldn’t want to, with an eel anyway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADang! You probably cannot even see the eel…it’s a bit of white above the trevally….I’ll try again later to make it pop more.

I finally got a shot of not one fantail filefish, but two!


One is showing a spread orange tail…the other is just above. I got video, too, so I’ll upload that later also.

A wonderful start to any day! More later…work calls.


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