Posted by: octogirl7 | January 1, 2015

Cheddar and Piggy Pups…we must be home!

OMGoodness!  We were SO tired last night when we got home, we couldn’t even think of visiting a grocery store.  So we ate what we found in fridge and freezer….instead of French Brie, we had good ole Cheddar!  and from the freezer: Piggy Pups. They made us so know we were back in Hawaii.  And glad of it.

We figured that we were actually flying for about 20 hours yesterday, which totally explains the fatigue.  It was 9 hours or so from Paris to Toronto (and a little snow on the ground in Toronto, with 21 degrees, but we didn’t have to leave the airport, thank God) and then 10 and a half hours from Toronto to Honolulu.

Last time we Frenchified ourselves, we had a layover for a couple of days in Boston, so we didn’t feel the flights so much. But we felt them yesterday!

We arrived about 10 p.m., picked up our rental car and got home.  And crashed.  Alex said he finally got sleepy enough to sleep around 1 a.m., but I slipped into sleep much sooner than that.

When I awoke at 4 a.m., I told myself that if I slept 2 more hours, that would put me on a good routine wake-up time.  But once I started thinking, I was up.

So I read my Bible (this year, I’m using The Message version), and chose my new devotionals for the year.

One is a present from my sister, called Devotions for the Beach.  Then Pilgrim’s Progress Devotional.  And I am also finally able to dig into Alex Motyer’s ISAIAH BY THE DAY.  I have been looking forward to starting that for months.  Now’s my chance.

As you may remember, I am an Isaiah girl!! So much woe, but so much wonderful, too.

So other than the lengthy flight, since I last posted, we did get to the Eiffel Tower light show.
Alex figured out the timing and so we were able to get there just minutes before the amazing show began. Which went for 5 minutes…LOL. Took longer than that to get there on the Metro! ha.  But we enjoyed it.


And early morning Bastille:


And with the fair rides too:


You would never catch me on this ride: when people were on it, you always heard too much screaming.

I figured out only on the way back to the apartement on the Metro that there is a way to catch photos of boots and tights without bothering the women wearing them, but the pix usually don’t turn out too well.  Here’s a photo of one pair of boots from the ladies sitting on the Metro:


The tights on the lady on the left were NOT a horrible skin condition, but really oddly patterned tights.  It really never failed to amaze me how many variations on boots there were.  Tall. Short.  Black, brown, beige, red. Leather. Uggs.  I did catch a few pix from behind after the women passed me on the street, but they generally weren’t great shots.

But here’s a good one I call COLD ALEX


We could also call it WHEN WILL SHE STOP TAKING PICTURES?! Alex.

But he was very patient.

Even though we had dinner on our final night in Paris, and I totally asked for L’addition (the check) without remembering his Creme Brulee!  We went back later and got it:


In square dishes?!  It did taste good.  With our French strong coffee. We got it in the Indiana, a restaurant we happened upon.  Which, I might add, is TOTALLY different at night!  We had a couple of meals there, but when we went back at night for the Creme Brulee, we were surprised not only by how busy they were, but noisy and the clients were the party-er crowd.

And then, in the morning, we both awoke at 3-ish.  A.M. that is.  Our alarm had been set for 4:30, but paranoid Karen wanted to be sure not to miss the plane, so we got ready and Alex guided us on the stroll, with my too heavy suitcase, to the Gare de Lyon.

And of course, a parting snap of us:


Alex had something in his shoe, so I used that time wisely to take our photo.

and so we did arrive, hands tired from rolling the too-heavy suitcase, at the Gare de Lyon, where the adventure had begun over 3 weeks ago:


Still decked out in its changing colors, as it was when we arrived.


This is the interior decoration, and you’ll note we arrived quite early for our 6:15 a.m. Air France bus to the Charles deGaulle airport! YAY!

I remember, too, how confused our faces looked when we first arrived.  I was still seeing confused faces belonging to others when we left town.

And after the long, long flights home, we are happy to be back in Honolulu.  We visited the Original Pancake House for breakfast….American breakfast!!  YES!

I am a bit nervous about swimming once again in Hanauma Bay tomorrow. The breeze coming in my office window is a bit chilly. But after all, it is January!  2015.

May you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!


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