Posted by: octogirl7 | December 28, 2014

Whatever you want, honey!

This was what I heard when I approached my sweetheart this morning with a question about what we wanted to do today.

It was rare that Alex agreed with me without at least a little bit of discussion, so I immediately wondered why he acquiesced so quickly.  Then I looked down and noted that I was carrying a big knife in my right hand!  I had been making our breakfast when the question occurred to me, so i had carried it along with me as I approached him.

That explains why he agreed so readily. HA

Of course, he knows I would never cut him.  That could too easily be proven.  The other means of dispatching one’s mate didn’t enter my mind, because if I dispatched my faithful naviguesser, how would I get around town?

Perhaps as I did this afternoon: wander, until I saw a familiar street name.

We had lunch together at the Indiana, which was his idea and a great one.  I had steack frites with pepper sauce, quite wonderful. He had a good burger and and a crazy Heineken beer, which somehow continued to bubble until it was gone. That was some trick.

After that, we decided that he would visit the local game store, in order to return a game which he bought there recently but which had come without all its parts.

And I decided to visit my local Christmas market.

I kept the key, because neither of us had thought to leave the apartment key in the lock box outside the apartment.  So as I wandered, I found a scarf for my Honolulu friend.  And then I found a ring I really would have liked and also a little something for my friend Lisa.  However, the cash I had on me was insufficient and I didn’t want to trust these folks with my bank card info, so I went in search of a bank.

Only to find none of the kind we use.  And then later to discover that there was one very close, but in the opposite direction! C’est la vie!

Upon returning home in a hurry, I had the requisite problems with finding our streets, but did find Rue des Tournelles, which i recognized. (I find that I recognize more streets based on the things in the stores on those streets, rather than the street names.  I can remember them, if pressed…)

Anyway, I returned home to find that Alex had NOT been waiting outside, incensed.  Thank God!

So we compared stories.

On my wanderings though, I saw again the very cool church that is so present in the neighborhood:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA lovely church.  And it reminded me that I had visited a church earlier, while Alex was in the Monoprix buying tp and kleenex and other necessities, like choc to take home for our various offices.

Anyway, as I went into the earlier church, thinking to stop and pray, I was surprised to see a service in progress, so I stopped and bowed my head while listening to the priest intone in French.  I caught every few words, but God knew what I felt. (And not sure why I was surprised: it was Sunday!)

So once again on the street, I took a photo of our Christmas tree:


Actually, we have been enjoying trees all over Paris, in the various florist shops.  But we didn’t feel the need to kill one by buying it.  Since we couldn’t take it home.  And with so few days remaining until we depart for Hawaii (we fly all day on the 31st)

But I think it is worthwhile to show you some of the other wonderful flowers available in town:



And last but not least, the roses:


These are the roses I wanted for our wedding, almost 17 years ago…but another kind arrived.  No big, but now we get to see not only the “right” ones, but with the passionate message on the cellophane around them!

We had been told that this is the great time to be in Paris, as there are so many Christmas markets: fish, crafts goods, scarves, t-shirts, jewelry.



Real people, with real goods, that mostly they have grown or made or created to sell.


I couldn’t resist putting in this one, from the restaurant where we had lunch, The Indiana.  When was the last time you saw Indian in a tux?!

It is only fair to go from the ridiculous to the other kind:


Yes, this is Terrorist Al.  So cold, he wrapped his scarf up around all the important facial parts. I felt for him; it was cold.  But didn’t feel that cold to me.  Michigan, again, I think.

I have mentioned in previous posts about the buches de noel, but here’s today’s rendering:


Really pretty chocolate bows, protected by Frosty the Snowman. LOL.

And no, we didn’t buy another.  Not that I would have minded more frosting.  It makes my heart sing!


This is the Carcassonne game I won today.  YAY!  He is a worthy opponent, so I have to take the glory while it’s there…


I love how the light plays on the chimneys, and how they are all so different! This is the one taken from our apartment, looking up and outside.

And how the neighbors weren’t home to worry why the crazy American was taking pix.

I should add, too, and in closing, that today of all days, I decided to lock our door upon leaving.  And promptly got a splinter in my finger from the door!  Gee, what is my problem?!

So I had to go back inside, and yank that sucker out and put on antibiotic creme and a bandaid.  I cannot be trusted apparently. But we are having fun in Paris. Cold or not.


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