Posted by: octogirl7 | December 22, 2014

Jay Door

Well, now that I’ve had my lunch time repast (cheese, bread, rhubarb crumble) what could be better than that?  Oh yeah, writing my post for today.

It has been a packed day and we are only halfway done.

We got out early, well, 8:30, and we went to Breakfast in America.  Yes, someone who shall remain nameless likes eggs and bacon for breakfast.  Well, maybe two someones.

We discovered, upon talking with the young and lovely waitress, that she is from Sweden. We found this out because we asked her how the Metro goes during Christmas.  She hesitated and then volunteered the info that she is going to Sweden tomorrow, so she doesn’t know how the Metro works on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  No worries, we told her, we’ll ask.

If this were America, we’d know there would be fewer trains and busses on the holidays, and indeed we have found some stores will be closed, but some will be open.

One of the open ones will be the wonderful boulangerie that made this dessert for my lunchtime extravaganza:


A rhubarb and apple crumble, thank you very much!  Tasted wonderful, to my tongue.  Alex was less enthused, but his tongue has perhaps been dulled by the plentiful Creme Brulee.  This boulangerie did boast creme brulee, little ones, to go.  I said perhaps we should bring some home, just in case we are out of choice someday soon.

So we have been seeing Charlize Theron all around town: in ads!  She is definitely a wonderful, beautiful girl.  Golden all over the place.  So Alex pronounced it Jay Door.  Him and his French.

He has been hiding his light somewhat under a barrel, though, as when pushed, he can say the words to get ;what he needs.

So after a hearty breakfast, we headed to find Christmas markets.  Must say, we have been somewhat disappointed.  There were some out, but apparently some thought it was either too cold or too early; only about 5 of the market stalls were open.  And they weren’t anything we hadn’t seen before: hot wine, and a few artisan goods.  We did wander by a souvenir stall and I found some scarves (foulard) to bring back.  We are currently researching whether we can bring dried sausage back for John at my office…reading some of it, seems like that wouldn’t be allowed.  but we will see…..

I did find some Buches de Noel:


See?  They are little logs, made to look like chunks of wood.  It amazes me how many variations those French folks have thought up.  We plan to catch one or two for our Christmas eve and or day….there are big ones and individuals, too.  I’ll let you know.

We did find, once again, that there is an exhibit in town: History of Spoons!


I will have to catch Alex on a good day to get him to go….we’ll see.

He was hip to visiting the Orangerie.  A museum of impressionist art, which we both enjoyed.  He said there were some works that he enjoyed even though he hadn’t thought he would.  I was surprised by some guy named Emile Bernard. They had an entire room devoted to him and his name hadn’t ever crossed my mind.

We were naughtily amused when waiting online to get tickets to the Orangerie and Orsay, that the lady in front of us with long black hair had a curler attached to her butt!  I swear that was the funniest thing.  It was one of those curlers that sticks to almost everything and she had no idea it was there.  One lady, who had a better presence of mind than I, told her about it and she pulled it off.  But wouldn’t THAT have been a great photo!

I have noted that I have no desire to ask permission to take photos.  This comes up because there have been some great couples that would have made wonderful photos.  And ladies with tights and boots. Oh my goodness, everyone here has those! The variety of boots and tights is just amazing.  And we’re not even talking about scarves yet!

and in the THE NERVE category: we bought 3 scarves for 10 euro, and when we got home, they were nowhere to be found.  Who on earth would steal 10 euros of scarves.  I mean, really?!?  And I pray that we will find them somewhere we didn’t know they were and I’ll have to apologize to the thief…

I”m kinda out of the post mood now, so here are the rest of the pix:


The toilet on the street: you go in, do your business, and then it washes the whole inside!  No lie.

We thought of doing the Ferris Wheel, but there was a long line. and then we saw a green truck…not sure what they were doing, but…


Cute, non?  It looked like dark green velour….who knows?

I’ll let you know if there are any developments in the missing scarves territory!


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