Posted by: octogirl7 | December 15, 2014

Breakfast in America…in France

Alex remembered a good breakfast place from last time that we both enjoyed, so the next morning we booted, coated, gloved, scarved, put on 2 pair of socks and hatted ourselves up and explored.  There are many wonderful things about my man, but among those sterling qualities is his ability to navigate!  I have now been to France/Paris 5 times, him only 3, but he has a very solid ability to remember streets and how they connect.  (I am reminded of when I was in Rome years ago and got so misplaced trying to find the Vatican, that I finally decided to follow a nun, thinking of course she would go there.  Turned out I was right, but I learned from that experience: always bring either a map or a cunning man!)

So we found Breakfast in America.  Eggs, Unending Coffee.  Pancakes.  Yummy.  We like the place because it’s like a diner, but also the food and the music are good.  Music that is unusual but has a beat and always someone new that I don’t recognize.  This time we were also treated to James Brown, so we were bopping to that beat. (Yeah, I’m a child of the 60’s)

But best of all was the surprise in their restroom!


I mean, how did they know?

Sadly, today we also saw octopus.  The real thing.  Little ones.  For sale in a market.  I guess God did say we should eat everything…kinda.

I will do a separate post on Christmas decorations, but we have already noted the lovely flowers and amazing Christmas lights.  And since it gets dark earlier, there’s actually a chance we will be awake for the Eiffel Tower lights.  Last time, we were too tired to stay up that late, but it does get winter dark, so there’s a better opportunity.

We are staying near the Bastille.  Here’s a good landmark:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were also amused to discover that Paris has a bike lane, much like the new one at home on King Street.


Not many bikes out, but those people riding them did look really cold.  We had everything zipped up.  And the bracing wind coupled with the rain really made us awake.  We heard that cold weather is a good way to beat jet lag, but there is a price.

Later, we visited St Antoine church.  I’m here to tell you there are amazing cathedrals and churches in France! I can’t gauge how full they usually are, because we are often there at off hours, but I would visit if I lived here.


Yeah, that’s Alex, all bundled up outside the church.


And the Nativity inside.

And the floor we noticed upon leaving:


It makes it a special photo when we also included our grocery sac from the Monoprix!

Then we visited one of the game stores in Paris that Alex had planned to see:


We met a very nice man inside, who offered to help us, either in French or English.  By that time, though, we had already picked out our item: a brand new version of Carcassonne!!  “Carcassonne, La Ruee ver L’or” or Carcassonne Gold Rush.  We’ll see.  I was too knackered last night to learn a new game.  This one always has several rules, but my sweet heart has already found an online rules version in English.  (I had high hopes when we were last here that I could beat him more easily with Hiver (winter) Carcassone, because the rules in the box were in French.  But no joy: he quickly found English language rules then too.)

Then we visited Fous De L’ile, an old haunt from the last trip.  Domo joined us:


Domo enjoys travel as do many others.  Sadly, the little octopus I brought as his companion is grey so it doesn’t show up well on food or tables.

And just so you will be sure Alex is not the only one who was dressed to the icy nines,


Yeah, isn’t that a great look! At least my gloves compliment my coat.  And the ever present camera is clutched in my hands.  Also, please note, the tastefully knitted purple woolen scarf!  I was able to get over my hand issues and knit before we left Honolulu.

Also in the fashion lineup is my ball cap under the hood of my jacket.  The hood is so big that it falls over my eyes if left unhindered. So the ball cap keeps it up where it belongs.  Oh, the trials of being a fashion plate! I can report that I am very glad the boots I bought for the trip keep me warm and are comfortable.  Thank God.

And I’ll end with Domo again, keeping guard over that day’s Creme Brulee



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